Zacharie (Zac) Beaumont


Zacharie (Zac) Beaumont

Paladin, Level 6, Size 16, Appearance 8
Life Points 240, Regeneration 3, Movement Value 9, Fatigue 11, exp 805

Str: 6 Dex: 12 Agi: 9 Con: 11 Pow: 9 Int: 9 Wp: 7 Per: 5
base presence:55 PhR: 75 MR: 65 PsR: 60 VR: 75 DR: 75

Primary Abilities
Initiative: 155
Attack Ability: 150
Defence Ability: 195 block
wear armour: 70
Graceful Parry

long sword
Initiative: 140
Attack Ability: 155
Defence Ability: 200 block
Damage: 75
Fortitude: 53
Breakage: 13

Initiative: 155
Attack Ability: 160
Defence Ability: 205 block
Damage: 90
Fortitude: 60
Breakage: 15


+5 Breastplate
cut: 5
impact: 6
thrust: 5
heat: 2
elec: 1
cold: 2
ene: 0
fort: 36
pre: 80
req: 35

+5 casque
cut: 5
impact: 5
thrust: 4
heat: 3
elec: 1
cold: 4
ene: 0
fort: 32
pre: 65
req: 0

MK: 170 use of ki, inhuman, use of necessary energy, Physical shield, increase speed, aura extention, presence extrusion, weight elimination

Advantages/Disadvantages: see supernatural(1cp), artifact(2cp), starting wealth(1cp), quick reflexes(2cp), unfortunate(1cp), vulnerable to heat(1cp), code of conduct(1cp)

Secondary Abilities: composure 65, persuasion 170, street wise 180, withstand pain 115, notice 5, etiquette 100, style 40, leadership 80

Possessions: Purebred horse, saddle, backpack, 2x lux pants, 2x lux shirt, 2x lux coat, 2x lux men’s underwear, 2x lux walking boots, 2x lux belt, lux formal wear, gq pants, gq shirt, gq men’s underwear, gq boots, gq large house urban area, water-skin x2, ebony pipe with silver inlay, 20 pipe-fulls of luxury tobacco , chest, excellent lock

GC: 480
SC: 34

Sex: male Race: aion Age: 29 Height: 6’5" Weight: 165 Hair: blond Eyes: steel gray Skin: fair Languages: Latin, Jashu, Yamato


—Born in Dalaborn, Zacharie’s mother died while giving birth to him. Raised by his father Vasiliy Beaumont a career soldier in the Dalaborn military. At an early age while Zac was with his father near the forest of souls, he was nearly possessed by a wondering spirit of fire. The spirit could not keep a hold of Zac but the mark that the spirit left on Zac’s soul allowed him to see the supernatural and left him vulnerable to heat. Being as his father is a career soldier Zac learned to wield a sword as soon as he could lift the sword. After becoming proficient in the use of a sword he started to learn the use of his father’s favorite weapon, the impossible weapon Aquarius. On his 20th year his father passed on to Zac the cloak passed on to him from his father on his 20th year before entering his mandatory military service. The cloak, royal blue of colour made of a silk like material with patterns in silver increase the wearers ability with Aquarius and with multiple swift movements allows for better interception of attacks. After 4 years in the Dalaborn military Zac swore to a code of conduct and moved to Chaville in Gabriel.
After moving to Chaville Zac used the money he made in the military to buy himself a nice large house in an urban area and a pure breed black horse. Finding out just how much the cost of living in Chaville was Zac found a job as a guard in Marquis Halmeister. Using the skills Zac learned in the Dalaborn military he quickly moved up the pay grade till he finaly made it to head of the house guard. As the head of the house guard Zac’s skills at using his cloak as a weapon has put him in a position that allows him to protect the Marquis even places where weapons are not allowed. Zac has been in the employ of the Marquis for 5 years.

Zacharie (Zac) Beaumont

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