Yvette "Eve" Deville


Duchess Yvette Underkeeper
Level 7 Duk’Zarist Nephilim Dark Paladin, Size 15, Appearance 9
Life Points 215, Regeneration 3, Movement Value 9, Fatigue 8
Sex: Female Race: Asher Age: 30 Birthday: December 16th
Height: 5’10" Weight: 203 Hair:Black Eyes:Pale Blue Skin: Fair
Languages: Latin, Yamato

Str: 9 Dex: 10 Agi: 9 Con: 8 Pow: 8 Int: 8 Wp: 8 Per: 6
PhR: 85 MR: 90 PsR: 85 VR: 85 DR: 85

Magic Accumulation: 20
Zeon: 250
Summoning Ability – Control: 220

Initiative: 65 (Long Sword & Shield), 70 (Lance & Shield), 90 (Lance only)
Attack Ability: 175
Defence Ability: 145 (+25 with Shield)
Damage: 80 Long Sword, 70 Lance(80 if Two-handed), 50 Shield
AT: Cut:5(1) Impact:4(0) Thrust:3(2) Heat:4(1) Elec:3(3) Cold:2(1) Ene:0(0)

MK: 140 (80 Spent)
Ki Abilities: Use of Ki, Presence Extrusion, Aura Extension, Use of Necessary Energy, Elimination of Necessities
Ki (Accum): Str:9(1) Dex:10(2) Agi:9(1) Con:8(1) Pow:8(1) Wp:8(1)
Ki Techniques: N/A

Advantages/Disadvantages: See Supernatural (1 CP), Natural Learner(Tactics) (1 CP), Learning (1 CP), Use of Armor (1 CP), Starting Wealth (1 CP) / Bad Luck (1 CP), Addiction (Cigarettes) (1 CP)

Primary Abilities: Solider Module, Wear Armour 120

Secondary Abilities: Athleticism 25, Feats of Strength 35, Withstand Pain 30, Composure 95, Notice 45, Intimidate 90, Leadership 40, Persuasion 65, Style 55, Dance 45, Etiquette 50, Tactics 120, Trading 25

Possessions: +5 Lance, +5 Long Sword, +5 Shield, +5 Partial Plate, Leather Hood, GQ House in Urban Area & 100g in Furniture, Good Quality Pants x6, Good Quality Shirts x5, Good Quality Gloves x3, Designer Dress x3, Good Quality Women’s Underwear x5, Luxury Lingerie x2, Good Quality Belt x4, Good Quality Walking Boots x2, Designer Shoes x4, Good Quality Coat x3, Good Quality Vest x5, Good Quality Backpack x2, Waterskin, Good Perfume, Good Quality Blanket, Good Quality Torch x5, Small Tent, Chalk x5, Sharpening Stone, Lime Stick, Luxury Pants x6, Luxury Shirts x6, Designer Caps x3, Luxury Jacket x4, Luxury Scarf x2, Designer Broad-brimmed Hat x3, Luxury Belt x3, Luxury Walking Boots x3, Designer Shoes x10, Luxury Women’s Underwear x5, Luxury Gloves x4, Luxury Black Swan-feather Fan, Excellent Silver Necklace with Lapis Lazuli setting


Yvette Deville, the only child of Alice and Charles, they considered a true blessing. Having tried for years without success, her birth was a wonderful gift to their family. Growing up, Yvette was a rather normal girl for someone of her standing, learning dance, etiquette and the like. Aside from the recurring nightmare she suffered.

For a boy, this dream may have been a wonderful one, a large battle, silhouetted figures doing battle with nightmarish creatures. Always the focus was one figure, standing strong against the darkness.

These dreams happened very rarely, so her parents usually dismissed them. It wasn’t until she was twelve and a half, on a trading caravan with her father, that she would finally understood the meaning of her dream. The caravan was attacked by bandits, one of the guardsman protecting her from harm, standing between her and the onslaught. Just then, her mind flashed back to her dreams, to that figure, the silhouetted face coming into view for the first time, hers. Upon the guardsmans shield was a black rose, the symbol of Le Rose Noire Defense Company. She had made up her mind.

Yvette growing up had felt like she didn’t fit, like maybe she wasn’t supposed to be a nobleman’s daughter. Her mother protested, it was not her place to sullen her hands doing commoners work, but Yvette wouldn’t listen. Upon her 13th year, she applied in person to become a member of Le Rose Noire.

She was laughed at, and nearly thrown out, if not for the current leader of the company seeing her, this young girl, a young noblesse, wishing to become a warrior. He allowed her to take the entrance test, just like all others. Out into the yard they went, and it was there she got her first sword.

The test didn’t go well, as you can imagine, a 13 year old girl with no combat experience simply cannot best another, however she was still allowed to become a squire, and learn how to later join their ranks. When others asked why, the Grand General replied, “When she took hold of that sword, although she had never even held one before. For a brief moment, after unsheathing it, I saw a warrior in her.”

Yvette has been a member of Le Rose Noire for 12 years, having risen in rank do to her excellent knowledge of tactics. It was very recently in which both her parents passed on, Charles Deville age 57, Alice Garnier-Deville age 59. Yvette allowed her relatives to purchase the main house from her, stating she cannot bear to live there anymore. It is her aunts and uncles whom are trying to use her, hoping the right man will be able to tame her warrior spirit, and make her a normal noble woman.

Yvette, or Eve as she has been called by the other members of Le Rose Noire, has been contracted to Halmeister for about three years now, Yvette’s father Charles having worked for Gregor as a trader for 35 years before his passing.

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Yvette "Eve" Deville

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