Baron Vollmacht Verboden (retired)


Vollmacht Verboden
Dark Paladin, Level 7, Size 13, Appearance 8
Life Points 200, Regeneration 1, Movement Value 6, Fatigue 7

Str: 6 Dex: 7 Agi: 6 Con: 7 Pow: 9 Int: 11 Wp: 10 Per: 8
PhR: 65 MR: 70 PsR: 75 VR: 65 DR: 65

Initiative: 95 Rapier, 75 Pistol
Attack Ability: 145 Rapier, 140 Pistol
Defence Ability: 120 Dodge
Damage: 65 Rapier, 80 Pistol
AT: Cut:5 Impact:6 Thrust:5 Heat:2 Elec:1 Cold:2 Ene:0

MK: 140 (100 Spent)
Ki Abilities: Use of Ki, Prescense Extrusion, Aura Extension, Increased Speed, Inhumanity

Advantages/Disadvantages: Natural Learner, Field (Social) (3CP), Starting Wealth (3CP)/Slow Healer (1CP), Vulnerable to Pain (1CP), Feeble (1CP)

Background advantages/Disadvantages: Social Position (1CP)/Dirty little Secret (1CP)

Primary Abilities: Weapon Training (Matchlock Pistol), Wear Armour 45

Secondary Abilities: Composure 155, Withstand Pain 90, Notice 75, Animals (Falcon) 100, Law 220, Memorize 70, Intimidate 160, Persuasion 235, Style 120, Streetwise 145, Etiquette 85

Possessions: +5 Breastplate, +5 Rapier, Matchlock Pistol, 10 +5 Pistol Shots, 8 charges of gunpowder, 2 charges of +5 gunpowder, Title of Lord, Purebred Male Falcon (Gauvain), Purebred Female Horse (Rohesia), Large Luxurious House, Court Notebook
Clothing (All Luxious): 2 Pants, 2 Shirts, 2 Vests, 2 Jackets, Coat, 4 Gloves, 7 Underwear, Belt, Hankerchief, 2 Formal Outfits, Shoes, Walking Boots, Gold Ring with Sapphire, Buckle with Sapphire, Broach with Sapphire (excellent), 200 000 Gold Worth of Gems,

Sex: Male Race: Aion Age: 30 Height: 5’8" Weight: 170 Hair: Blonde Eyes: green Skin: White Languages: Latin, Yamato, Ogashima, Yamatoshu


Vollmacht Verboden was born to a wealthy Gabrielese family in the city of Chaville. The eldest son of Reinhold and Macyle Verboden Vollmacht was given every opportunity a young noble could desire. A quick study Vollmacht quickly rose to the top of his classes, but his true calling was debate. Vollmacht could argue for hours, subject matter and opponent were secondary concerns. Reinhold Verboden guided his sons passion for debate and started grooming him to be the best lawyer Chaville had ever seen. Vollmacht took to law quickly and with enthusiasm, however it wasn’t long before Vollmacht’s drive to be the best would catch up with him. Being a young ambitious lawyer freshly graduated he believed he could take on any case, so when a new murder case hit the courts and no other lawyer dared to try the prosecution naturally Vollmacht stepped up. It was a gruelling case that lasted months and at the end of it Vollmacht believed he had the judge convinced of the defendants guilt. Not to be. In the end the man walked free, only to be caught red-handed killing again. Vollmacht vowed never to lose a case again.

That was years ago, Vollmacht has grown into a man obsessed with victory. Seeing the corruption that runs rampant through the justice system has killed any semblence of honour he once held. The desire to right wrongs and protect the innocent has become facade. The only thing Vollmacht fights for now is his pride, his station (improving it of course) and gold.

The Marquis Gregor Halmeister quickly became aware of the unbeateable rising star and quickly recruited him as a valuable legal asset that doesn’t ask questions, doesn’t fight fair, and doesn’t lose. Vollmacht has currently been working for the Marquis for 4 years.

Baron Vollmacht Verboden (retired)

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