The Golden Web of Intrigue

Ending of Crosses and Parties to Go
Gold and Gifts Around

• Fernand knocks quietly, but no one hears. He knocks louder the second time and gets one of the guards to answer. Sapphire sneaks up behind the guard that stays behind. Unlocking the doors the first guard asks why Fernand is here. Sapphire slits the standing guard’s throat. Fernand responds not much. The guard tells him to go back and come back in the morning. Fernand says that he can’t wait, throws his helmet off, draws a rapier and stabs the guard in the chest. Sapphire then sneaks up behind the guard, stabs into his right calf and then puts the blade into his throat.
• With the corpses there they discuss that they should go around in order to begin the search for the various items they want. Then they go and start looking around. They go to the meeting room to look around, find nothing of value, go to the Study, search around it, Sapphire looks for hidden chambers, but doesn’t find any. Then they find the dining hall, look for things of value but don’t find any beside two paintings that he wants. They then go to the next room, Baerin listens and hears the moving of fabric, Sapphire opens the door and they find the bathroom, a quick search and no valuables and she takes a silk bathrobe. They then go to the next room, which is the dancing and find the crucifix. Sapphire finds a pressure plate under the crucifix and disables it. Fernand then grabs the ten paintings. Sapphire then asks if they have found what they are looking for, Baerin and Sapphire say no, so then Sapphire checks each of the rooms up on the upper level. She sees what each of the rooms contains, then leads Fernand and Baerin up into the study. They search, and Sapphire and Baerin find books that lack titles on them, show them to Fernand, who is able to remember the codes used for identifying them as the business ledgers they were looking for. He tucks those away. Sapphire leads Fernand then leads them down to the main floor, and takes Baerin up to the library. They search it for an hour, find a few interesting books on history, trade routes, and pirate routes. Baerin grabs a book on Albidion history written by one of the old Supreme Archbishops. They then go back down to grab the cross. Sapphire suggests that they have Fernand carry the cross, as such a large man, but she can’t seduce him. Then Baerin goes over to grab the crucifix, has her hands carved very merrily into her hands. She cries out in pain but no one hears things. They carry the cross to the carriage, covered in a silk bedrobe and Fernand’s jacket. They take it to the carriage and go to the Marquis’ home, hide the cross wrapped in clothes. Fernand goes back his home and sleeps. Eve goes to her home, there is no one else there, so she bathes and grabs new clothes.
• On the day of the 16th Hyacinth meets up with Baerin, they do the teaching for the morning. Lord Verboden goes out, listening for news, and sees Baroness Falon running down the street wrapped only in a blood-stained bedsheet screaming about the murder of her husband. Lord Verboden turns to a guard and tells him to help the good woman. She continues around a bit about the murder, then Lord Verboden goes over to console her, and offers to help if she needs to sell any parts of the estate he would be willing to help. She thanks him profusely.
• Around noon they all meet at the Marquis’ estate, inform the lead butler that they would like to meet up with them. They all go together to reach and speak with the Marquis, as they say that they have heard that unfortunately Baron Falon has died, and that the item he wanted is present in Baerin’s room. He congratulates them and says he will contact Bishop Opimo about their pay. Zac begins to plan for the security of the birthday for Frans on the 25 of November.
• Sapphire and Lord Verboden listen around for the rumors surrounding the murder, hear that it looks like someone attempted to frame the Church, but that a weapon bearing a makers mark was found under the body, so investigations are underway. Sapphire then asks about houses, and Lord Verboden says that if the price is right it would work.
• November 17th, 989
• They are paid for their money, given their bonus for not screwing up and getting the ledgers to her.
• Sapphire goes to buy a large house in the city.
• Lord Ysgramor is charged with owning the weapons possibly behind all of it, so many of his belongings are getting seized.
• November 20th, 989
• The final weapon shipment from Lord Ysgramor is seized, he can’t pay for the debt and so has all of their belongings are seized as well, and the payment is being made. Lord Verboden goes over to discuss with his employer, and is paid for undermining the opponent’s business.
• Lord Verboden snipes a pigeon carrying a message from Baroness Falon to hire the Barakah Clan in order to kill the individuals behind the murder of her husband. He goes to check the streets about the delivery and response to the Barakah clan, buys two new seals, and sends back a letter regarding the name of the target, the next summer solstice, and the two signets fused together. He sends it back, falcons another pigeon, this one carrying a message for him about assisting in selling some things. He is paid, but takes less since she is grieving, (and all that he did after all).
• November 21-24
• They buy gifts for Frans, new clothes for the party, and general preparations.
• November 25th
• Zac gives Frans his gift, a White Steel of Shivat Epee cross guard for his dueling weapon.
• Starting at 7:00 pm the birthday of Frans Halmeister
• Many noble guests and other individuals arrive in order to enjoy all of the entertainment forms and also presenting the gifts to them.
• Fernand gives Frans an incredible wine and silver serving set, while Eve gives him a fine sake. Then they dance, Eve with some wealthy young men that are charmed by her, and Fernando with a few of the ladies servants.
• Sapphire enjoys the Zigeuner’s performances outside.
• Baerin waits with Hyacinth for a time, then gives Frans her gift, a blank book and an ink pen and ink.
• At about 9:00 pm there is an announcement for Baroness Jaclyn Tonberr, and Baerin and Lord Verboden notice that she is the woman that gave the note.
• That night Stephan Halmeister joins Sapphire in the garden and talks how she doesn’t visit as often as she used to, and how more enjoyable the time away from people and not saying the wrong thing is.
• At about 10:00 pm Lord Verboden requests a dance from Baroness Tonberr, where they dance lightly around and discuss in incredibly vague discussion around all of businesses that they do, the dances that they may have in the future, and the options. They bid polite farewell for the next dance.
• Fernand dances with Eve to give her a break and ask why she went into the mercenary business. She answers that there may be a day when she would tell him, but not tonight.
• They continue to watch some of the performances, Fernand talks to the Estigian beaurocrat about importing their works, but that other things are able to do things with the future of the birthday after all.
• The announcement is made to gather in the back for the final gift giving, where the Marquis offers Frans control over any one of his small offices, and Frans graciously accepts control of the Estigian group. They then entertain a great deal more and begin to leave around two.
• When leaving Lord Verboden remembers that he hadn’t seen Baroness Jaclyn Tonberr or Katarina The Black Swan were not there after the big announcement.
• After all the guests have gone home, Zac and Baerin do a lap of the home and grounds, and find a pair of naked bodies, headless, and with skin flensed from the man’s back and the women’s legs. Zac wakes up the Marquis and Marquess, informs them, and leads the Marquis there. They gather the guards, question them, look for other things, two find that the back servant’s door wasn’t properly closed. They talk to the pair of Asha’s guards that were on duty, and they report that the door blew open several bells after the big announcement. They didn’t see anyone leave. Zac presented these final details to Baerin and the Marquis regarding them. The Marquis asks him to contact the guests in order to ensure that they all made it back, but keeping it very vague. Baerin notices that there isn’t enough splatter to have them decapitated there while alive.
• November 26, 989
• In the morning Zac goes to Lord Verboden’s, informs him of the details of the happenings, and has him write up the letter, and then leaves. He then goes back to the mansion, and he and Baerin go to write up all the letters.
• After writing all the letters up Zac goes to do train and punish those that failed, so he gives them a sound beating.
• He gets responses from all households, except for Eve and Lillith. He finds Eve standing over Fernand while doing the book keeping. He then uses streetwise in order to find Lillith, and lets her know the situation that occurred at the party. He then sends a pigeon to inform him that all the guests seem to be accounted for.
• Zac then goes to inform the Marquis and gives him the ledger filled with all the letters.
• While going down in to look at some of the artifacts, Baerin notices that the tablet has gone missing. She rushes up to tell the Marquis, who is shocked and immensely distraught. She runs back to look for clues.
• Lord Verboden arrives, says he’s here to help, and then asks about whether the bodies are still there, yes in wine barrels down below. Lord Verboden suggests that they take the bodies somewhere else so that they can be found elsewhere, and other information might be able to be found for them. He suggests Zac find his second in command and a few very well trusted guards to take it away.
• Baerin looks for any evidence, and only finds that the lock appeared to be picked and scuff marks within the cupboard. She then goes to report to Zac and informs him of what they found, while He, Asha, and two of her trusted guards talk about “Operation Bad Wine”. She lets them know she remembers that there didn’t seem to be Baroness Tonberr or Katarina the Black Swan after a certain point.
• Sunday, November 27, 989
• Later on in the night Zac, Anna, and two of the guards take the barrels of bodies, dump them, and then have Baroness Tonberr come up and asks about the corpses, and is accusing him of being respond it, so he tells her the truth. She allows him to leave for now, then calls the guards to find the bodies.
• In the morning Lord Verboden listens to the criers about what is going on, hears the rumors about all that happened the night before, and discovering all of the bodies in the alley. Nothing about what or who is behind it.
• During the day, while Fernand was working at the spice shop there is an enforcer from Veis Industries and 8 guards asking to buy up a vast amount of his purchases in order to obtain them. He offers them a 10% discount, which they refuse, then a 25% discount, which they also requested and then left, saying there were other spicers nearby. Fernand has heard much about Veis Industries and its owner living in Phaion, and many of the dark rumors. He goes to report to Marquis Halmeister, requests extra guards, is informed of the decapitated bodies found nearby and everything else. Then they plan to talk to their other expert about the matters, Riskut the Rat.

The First Few Threads
All begin from one thread.

• Sunday, November 13
• Dinner at the Marquis between the Marquis, Bishop Opimo, and High Inquisitor Norinus. Discuss the normal details of things passing, then Bishop Opimo informs the Marquis about the mission to retrieve the Crucifix from Baron Falon, his death being required, not his family, and the extra removing of items from the house as payment. Price would be 2000 GC plus loot. Then they finish desert and leave. The Marquis has Zac serve as his representative to try and get something together. Zac suggests that he will contact Saphire, and then turns to leave.
• On this night Baerin Dannils arrives as per the request of the Marquis Halmeister. Greeted by the guards, who are about to say that Marquis is busy due to a dinner meeting, but before they say it the Bishop and High Inquisitor Norinus leave, Baerin notes that the one guard is quite worried from the presence of them. Baerin then enters and asks one of the servants where the Marquis is, is told that he should come shortly, and so waits for him. Zac passes, greets Lady Dannils and then continues forward to go out into the street and looks around for Saphire. Then Baerin meets with the Marquis being followed by his servant. He greets her, Baerin “It was a good trip Masked Hamster.” Halmeister “I have asked you not to call me that.” Baerin “I only call you that in private, I would never do that around others. Now, about the items that you contacted me about.” Halmeister, “But of course, if you would follow me.” He leads her up to the study, they sit, he sends away his manservant, and then shows Baerin the container of salve. Baerin asks if they’ve been able to open it, Halmeister says yes, and the man that did so is still alive and healthy. Baerin opens it, looks and smells, notices no heat, acidic smell, and that the thick consistency and appearance of the container might be some form of medicine. Halmeister “Well then, when next one of the servants is injured I shall apply some of it and see what results.” Baerin then asks what she could do for the rest of the day, if she could borrow some of his books to read more about the Twin Islands. She is allowed to, accepts the offer of taking a spot in the guest house. Halmeister also mentions that there are other items for her to look at, and another matter to discuss, but those can wait another time. On her way out to the guest house Baerin runs into Hyacinth, so they talk for a few moments, she gives a slight smile and then goes to her lessons for the night. Baerin examines the books, learns more about the Twin Islands and their exports.
• After closing up the weapon shop that he is running for the Marquis, Fernand has a knock on the door, opens it, and sees Eve standing outside “Now, I don’t think that I owe anyone money, so I imagine you have the wrong location.” He asks who she is, and inquires about why she is here. Eve tells him who she is, and that she has been hired to guard him and the stores based on the rash of increased damages to some similar shops. She smokes extensively as she invited inside. They discuss things including where she can and can’t smoke, go back to his home, and then Fernand sleeps while Eve sets up a chair outside, and smokes away while the night passes.
• Zac learns that Sapphire is currently at Lord Vollmacht Verboden’s residence. Zac goes to Lord Verboden’s residence, but his servant Riccard tells Zac that his master is in a meeting. The meeting is with a messenger from Lord Ygdrasmor, from Hendell, an owner of several weapon shops. He is trying to argue for an extension upon a loan from one of Lord Verboden’s clients, because several of Lord Ygdrasmor’s weapons shipments have vanished. Another is due in, so he is sure that that would be able to cover all of the costs associated with the loan. Lord Verboden accepts, allows the messenger to leave. After that, Lord Verboden accepts several more daggers from the Ygdrasmor shipments from Sapphire, and informs her that there will be one more shipment to deal with. Then they invite Zac to discuss the mission. Cover the information of cost, the item that they are trying to take, the items that they also need to gather and how. Lord Verboden and Sapphire ask how much they would be paid, Zac says splitting 1000 GC as well as taking valuables from the location. They agree, but Lord Verboden also suggests that they invite Fernand along since he works in the business trade for recognizing the books. They propose thinking on it and moving out. Then Lord Verboden and Sapphire go to bed, in different places.
• November 14, 989
• Baerin and Zac work on their swordsmanship with the other household guards in the sand outside.
• Marquis Halmeister takes Baerin to the workshop, where they work with a long metal mystery staff that sparked at times. After the analysis, he analyzed the situation and Marquis Halmeister invited Baerin to tutor his daughter. She accepted, and then went to tell her father, who congratulated her and then gave her one final training lesson.
• Fernand and Eve head in to his work for the day, Lord Verboden goes to talk to them, informing Fernando in the back room of the clothing shop. Lord Verboden gives him the details, Fernand asks about the size of the crucifix, but no one seems to know. He accepts based on the pay that may indeed work.
• Sapphire checks out the place, looking up for guards that are there and close, there appear to be six outside, notices the appearance of the building and gates, as well as learning how many family members are located within, as well as staff. Then she vanishes after watching.
• Lord Verboden talks to Fernand and Sapphire, gets the information, and successes they could do. Lord Verboden and Sapphire both think that avoiding having to kill all of them would be a good idea, to see what forms of bribes and methods could be used.
• Lord Verboden goes to Lord Ygdrasmor’s to discuss and learn about the shipment, gets the information about them, such as the three wagons and fifty guards to protect it, arriving on Sunday, November 20, 989. Lord Verboden thanks them and then leaves. He also writes up a subpoena and has it sent to the man in charge of the servants and guards for Lord Falon’s servants.
• Lord Verboden goes to have lunch with Marquis Halmeister and the family that were there (Frans and Elise were out with their tutors), then mentioned that things were going according too plan thus far in order to make things work.
• Lord Verboden meets with the representative from the Falon residence, informs him that he and several guards should not be there that night. There is a fair bit of discussion maintained about exactly how much this would cost in order to ensure their safety, and the monthly cost of half (six) of the guards. Lord Verboden offers to pay the guards their monthly pay (2 GC), and him to leave, he first offers 20 GC, regarding it as possibly offensive to his family honour, but agrees for 50 GC.
• Fernand and Eve fulfill their day of work, Fernand then goes to his fencing lesson after having this discussion. The fencing teacher gives a good lesson, then wants Fernand to have a quick match against Eve, since it is different from the normal duel but an actual fight. They battle, Fernard going for the cigarette in her lips, but she knocks it aside and then Eve gives him a bruising blow in response. The dueling master reminds him that fighting and dueling are different. Fernand jokes about learning from her past, and then dodges a shieldbash response. They walk back to his home.
• After all of the discussions, they then gather up and discuss the plans and associated ideas that can work while in the clothing shop. Lord Verboden informs them of the buy, and that he will inform the man and the guards on the day of for when they need to be absent. He also informs Sapphire that the other shipment should come in on November 20, and that there will be slightly more individuals there then normal. Sapphire “Oh, a few more. So like ten.” Verboden “Perhaps a few more was the wrong word, more like fifty.” Sapphire “Fifty?”, disapproval face. Lord Verboden “It’s alright, we’ll use a different method. All we have to do is frame the murder of Baron Falon on Lord Ygdrasmor with one of the daggers in order to get the shipment impounded, and then his employer would be able to acquire the shipment as well. Then this would make things much easier.” Then they focus on that everything else would probably be good, even tomorrow. They agree, and then Verboden suggests they do it at 1 am. Fernand “1 in the morning? This is completely uncivilized in its entirety. Can’t we deal with them during a civilized hour once more, like with killing Baron Tennebrow?” Lord Verboden “That one was special.” Now, lets leave in order to prepare this in proper orders of things. They then go in order to get things, and Fernand manages to get several bolts of silk so cheap that it’s unheard of.
• Baerin works with Hyacinth all day as she fills her new job as her personal tutor.
• November 15, 989
• Waking up early, Zac and Baerin go through their training again once more as they go through their training. Baerin then goes to teach Hyacinth again.
• During the day there is a tapping on the Library window while Baerin is teaching Hyacinth. She looks over and sees a woman with pale skin, long black hair, with grey eyes,a black dress and black ermine shoulder slip. She waved and gestured Baerin over. Baerin looked at her, had Hyacinth go back to her normal studies rather then her persuasion, and walked over to the window. Baerin “Can I help you.” Woman “There are things that I believe you should know, things that I overheard. Your companions know but you do not, and I think that perhaps you should.” Baerin “What kind of information then?” Woman “The kind that should not be given before children,” she said as she looked over to Hyacinth. Baerin went out front, talked to her, and was given a note containing the information. Then she sauntered away. Reading the note, it contained all the information discussed in the clothing shop office. Baerin took it too the Marquis, they discussed what it meant, and then the Marquis asked if she would be willing to go in order to Baron Falon’s in order to try and find books regarding to the runes containing the metal items that they have found.
• Baerin is sent to talk to Lord Verboden in order to announce what happened, said that she would be involved, and then gave the description of the woman as well, which Lord Verboden wrote down in his personal secret journal. Then Lord Verboden went to go talk to Fernand in his shop. Finding Fernand in his office chewing out two of his clothing staff members about ruining a valuable bolt of silk, flipped a coin, and sent the looser to be arrested and sent to debtors jail and bribed the guards with a GC each, shouting out the window in order to get their attention. Lord Verboden asks if the window was open, and Fernand says he often keeps it cracked a bit. Then Lord Verboden told him about the information, and the woman asking if he knows about her. He says that she had come in a couple of times this past month, looking things over, never buying, and vanishing while Fernand was dealing with other customers.
• Lord Verboden went to go talk to Devonia the Great, that was dancing around a large central fountain, bringing the audience to follow her waltz lead on occasion. Lord Verboden stayed on his horse, then went over to her and asked about the woman, feigning offence at being accused of coming for information. She does recognize the description, talking about that she is associated with less-then legal things, including taking money from some of her supports that tried to take advantage of her. Lord Verboden was actually quite relieved, because a criminal probably wouldn’t report this information to any authorities. He goes home and waits for the good word.
• November 16, 989
• Baerin, Fernand, Sapphire, Eve, and Zac all meet outside a brothel near Baron Falon’s residence. Zac comes with an unmarked black carriage pulled by a white and a pink horse. Sapphire is displeased by all the extra people present, especially since they obviously weren’t stealthy people by any means. They see two guards outside. Then Sapphire uses weight elimination to scale the fence, move up onto the balcony, spend some time picking the lock in order to get in, and then seeing the two guards, one falling asleep. She went over and turned off one of the low oil lamps. The awake guard noticed, Sapphire hid behind a tapestry, then snuck out, placed a blade against the back of his neck and drove it through, catching him and placing him gently on the floor. She then turned off lamps until she was right beside the sleepy guard, then put her blade through him as well. Opening the door, she found the master bedroom and the baron and baroness. Moving in she killed the baron, carved stigmatas into his palms and the Ygdrasmor dagger into his stomach, stole the massive ruby necklace from the baroness, stole perfume, picked open the vanity chest and took all the jewelry inside. Heading to the stares she saw two more guards, both nearly asleep so talking to stay awake. As they were looking at each other she couldn’t see a way to quietly kill both of them, so she left the way she came in and to the front and started adjusting the front lamps as the signal.
• Seeing the lamps change, the others decided on a strategy. Baerin and Fernand ran forward, saying that a dangerous armed woman was approaching. They were so convincing that the guards ran forwards, out of Sapphire’s reach, to be cut down, one by Baerin’s katana and the other by Eve and Fernand. Then they dragged the bodies into the bushes, and discussed with Sapphire about the situation at hand. She told them of the two guards inside nearly falling asleep, that if she could sneak back in and someone knock on the door to draw their attention then they could deal with them. Baerin asked if the door would be locked, and what if they were asleep, to which Sapphire said they would probably open the door to investigate the knock, and if they were asleep she could just slit their throats.
• Sapphire slipped back into the manse, Baerin turned to Fernand and asked “So, feel like pretending to be a guard.” Fernand “I have been known to do some acting from time to time.” With Sapphire in position atop the stairs, Fernand grabbed a fallen guard’s helm, put it on, walked forward, and knocked on the door.


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