Viscount and Viscountess Beauregard (Deceased)


Viscount and Viscountess Beauregard run one of the most successful spice trading organizations in all of Gabriel, allowing for easy travel and transport of this incredibly valuable commodity. Their success has allowed them to open three shops specifically for their spices within Chaville alone, and they have numerous smaller groups spread throughout many other Principalities. They also deal in meats importing animals, but spices are what pay the bills.

They recently approached Lord Vollmacht Verboden about selling off a large portion of their estate and spice businesses in order to move to a different location. This promises to be an exceptionally valuable business venture for Lord Verboden.

It was later realized that Viscount and Viscountess Beauregard were the pair of decapitated and partly skinned bodies found in the gardens following Frans’ birthday. The pair of them were killed by Umbra and Penumbra, who have assumed their identities in order to gain a massive financial influx, so that the two of them may do whatever they wish. Whatever their goals, it can be sure that blood and suffering will ensue. They now have the wealth that they desired, but whatever will they do with it?

Viscount and Viscountess Beauregard (Deceased)

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