Riskut the Rat (Deceased)


Trying to learn what is going on in the slums of a Gabriel city is nigh impossible for anyone from the outside. Those that reek of money are recognized and treated with fear, envy, and sometimes hatred. Figuring out the minds of the Gabrielense poor takes one of their own.

Riskut the Rat just so happens to be city scum that is willing to deal with and report on the actions of the slums. For enough coin this thief, pickpocket, forger, fence, and murderer will tell you exactly where his mother is at any time of day, and what the best way to kill her would be. And Riskut likes his mother. Just remember, for enough coin he might remember you when someone else comes asking as well.

After having his arm torn of by Katarina, he was killed by Eve after starting a fight, murdering a girls family, insiting a riot, kidnapping the girl, and having both of them be impaled upon her blade.

Riskut the Rat (Deceased)

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