Fernand Vasser


Name: Fernand Vasser Age: 34 Birthday: September 1st Level: 5 Current XP: 594
Race: Human (asher) Height/Weight: 6 feet/ 200 pounds Appearance: 9 Class: Freelancer

Life Points: 135 Initiative: 85 (without weapon)/ 105 (with weapon)
Stats: Agility 8/ Constitution 8/ Dexterity 9/ Strength 6/ Intellect 10/ Perception 8/ Power 8/ Willpower 10
Fatigue: 8 Movement: 8

Primary abilities- Attack: 137 Dodge: 133

Secondary Abilities-
Intellectual- Appraisal 105/ Memorize 70/ History 75/ Law 70
Social- Intimidate 80/ Leadership 65/ Persuasion 160/ Style 75/ Trading 225/ Etiquette 80

Weapon: Rapier +5

Resistances: Base 50/ Phys 60/ Disease 60/ Poison 60/ Magic 60/ Psychic 65

Creation Points: Advantages- Starting wealth (1)/ Natural Learner, field (3)(social)
Disadvantages- Exclusive Weapon (Rapier)

Ki Domain: Use of Ki (40)/ Presence Extrusion (10)/ Use of necessary (10)/ Elimination of Necessities (10)/ Inhumanity (30)

Languages: Latin, Jashu, Yamato Shun, Sheeham

Possessions: Rapier +5/ House, large, urban/ Carpet/ Coat of Arms/ Man’s formal outfit, Luxury (2)/ Handkerchief, luxury (2)/ Underwear, good (3)/ Walking Boots, good (1)/ Shoes, good (1)/ Shoes, luxury (1)/ Coat, luxury (1)/ Scarf, luxury (1)/ Gloves, luxury (1)/ Broad-brimmed hat, luxury (1)/ Mechanical Clock, decent (1)/ Comb, decent (1)/ Rosary, decent (1)/ Excellent Quality Buckle (1)/ Pants, good (2)/ Shirts, good (2)/ Vests, good (2)/ Cross, decent (1)/ Silver coin (seemingly unimportant)


“Rule 1 of business: Let others think they have an advantage over you.
Rule 2: Have an advantage over them.”

Fernand was born in the city of Chaville, 955. His father was a successful business, mastering a large portion of the cloth quarter of the docks, and earning the title “Baron.” His skill in the boardroom became legendary, and many expected his son to follow his footsteps.

Always a distant man, Louis sent his son to a prestigious boarding school as soon as he was able. He “encouraged” his son to attend the courses year-round, claiming it was for the child’s good. It was only years later that Fernand learned the truth.

His father’s skill with cards was inversely proportional to his skill in business. Shame he had a great love of the damned things, spending and losing a fortune to the tables. After his death under mysterious circumstances, Fernand at last saw Louis’ books; damn near died on the spot. He was required to sell off large chunks of his inherited business interests to cover his father’s considerable debts. In the end, a single silver coin was all that remained in liquid assets. The Vasser family seemed doomed to a quiet economic death in a world where money was everything.

Then salvation came in the form of Marquis Helmister.

Fernand is still uncertain as to what drew the Marquis to him, but his offer of patronage was too good to pass up. For the past ten years, Fernand has worked with the Marquis’ coin, managing three businesses within the city in his name. He considers the Marquis as close a friend as one can be within the city, and willingly works towards his patron’s benefit whenever he is able.

Still, he dreams of the day he no longer requires a patron, and takes his place among the elite of Gabriel.

Fernand Vasser

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