Devonia the Great


To make a living as a street performer anywhere in Gabriel you need two things, talent, and courage. Devonia the Great has both of these features in spades. This young woman, commonly clad in a long flowing robe and mask that hides her face, has been able to make her living since she was 12 years old dancing through the plazas of Chaville in order to draw the attention and coin of wealthy patrons. After seeing her perform many offer to buy her meals, clothes, or to bring her into their home for a time so that they can provide her with extra training, and keep her as their private entertainer.

Early on in her performing career those were indeed the reasons that she was brought in did allow her to increase her skills, learn different dance styles, and serve as special entertainment at parties. As she grew older however her possible sponsors often had other reasons for wishing to bring her into their homes, most of which was to get a look at what was under her mask and robes, and often enough not just look. This she would not tolerate, and so she would find her way out of their homes swiftly, often taking a few valuables or letters and ledgers for good measure.

Between the information she could acquire from those trips into people’s homes, the discussions and rumors around the servants, and also just details learned in the walls at the parties and during her street performances it is surprising what this young woman can find. And all you have to do to earn those secrets is make her like you.

Devonia the Great

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