Baerin Dannils (Deceased)

Freelancer, female, secondary skills heavy.


Baerin Dannils
Freelancer – Level 6

Age 24
Human Female
Platinum Blonde hair, Gray eyes
5’9", 160 lbs
Appearance 8

AGL: 5
CON: 6
DEX: 8
STR: 8
INT: 12
PER: 10
POW: 9
WP: 6

Life Points: 115

Fatigue: 5 (6-1(Exhausted))
Movement: 5 (65ft/turn)
Wear Armor: 15

Armor Used:
+5 Armored Longcoat
+5 Circlet

Attack: 120
Dodge: 110

Weapons Used:
Dannils Family Katana (Final Damage 70 – 1h, 80 – 2h)

Base 80
Katana 60

Secondary Abilities:
Ride 65
Notice 90
Search 35
Animals 30
Appraisal 50
Memorize 110
Herbal Lore 30
History 30
Medicine 210
Navigation 30
Occult 75
Sciences 200
Intimidate 45
Leadership 50
Persuasion 215
Style 50
Etiquette 40

Aptitude in a Field: Intellectual
Natural Learner in a Field: Social
See Supernatural

Deduct 2 points: Constitution
Exclusive Weapon: Katana

Presence 55
Physical 60
Disease 60
Poison 60
Magic 65
Psychic 60

Ki: Used 100 of 120
Use of Ki
Presence Extrusion
Energy Armor
Aura Extension

Clothing and Accessories
Good Quality Pants x2
Good Quality Shirt x5
Good Quality Women’s Underwear
Good Quality Jacket
Good Quality Dress
Good Quality Lingerie
Good Quality Woman’s Kimono

Varied Equipment
Good Rope – 30 ft
Small Metal Mirror
Bar of Soap x2
Small Blank Paged Book
Good Perfume
Small Tent
Pen and Ink
Canteens – Water x2
Oil Lamp

Special Objects
Horse: Black, Female, Fixed

Remaining money: 969


Baerin Dannils wipes the sweat from her brow, her wooden practice sword held in a defensive stance as she stares at her father. She glances around the one sparsely decorated room in their massive house, the one they use as an exercise room.

Her father’s deep voice asks “Do you know why we exercise with the blade?”

Baerin thinks back to her time as a child. She was home schooled by a private tutor, often watching out the window as the servants’ children played while she had to listen to this annoying man drone on and on about the conditions of the world at points in time. As he noticed she wasn’t paying attention, he would bring conversations back to the one thing he knew that interested Baerin: her family history.

Baerin responds to her father, “We exercise with the blade because it is the symbol of the strength of House Dannils. We are represented by a blade that can be wielded by one hand, leaving the other open to hold the hands of those who need us, and by two hands for when we need the courage and force to do what the world needs us to. We are the Katana.”

Davas Daniels approvingly agrees, “Yes, my daughter.” He then strikes quickly at her right ribs and right temple with light hits. “And why do we protect ourselves with light armour as we do our day to day tasks?”

For this, Baerin thinks to her education as a teenager. Where History, Plant Life and Animals could barely hold her interest, Baerin excelled in Medicine and the Sciences. Her ability to memorize body parts and functions, chemical components and the fundamentals of Chemistry, Physics and Biology served her well in getting her into a study fellowship at the University. Well, that and her father’s connection to Marquis Gregor Halmeister. The man has employed her father since she born and he has always ensured that she gained the contacts she needed to advance in life.

Baerin shrugs off the light hits with a smirk, “That one is easy. Our family is important to the country. My grandfather, uncles and parents are well known, and well connected. We wear armoured clothing to protect us from accidents in the streets. We wear circlets to protect from damage to our most important organ. We can lead without a leg or an arm, but we are no leaders without our minds.”

Sensing his daughter’s cockiness, Davas begins with a complicated series of heavy strikes. Baerin blocks the first, then the second, the third gets through and hits her. Subsequent strikes are blocked with less and less efficacy. Baerin blocks one last hit with her sword and drops it, exhausted.

“Now, my daughter… Why do we exercise at all?”

Between gasps for air, Baerin responds, “We… We exercise… I don’t know. The biological reasons are many, but my mind is much more important. Others can do simple tasks requiring strength and endurance, but my mind must be my greatest asset.”

Davas Dannils reaches down, grasps his daughter’s arm and pulls her to a standing position. “You may find one day that this sword training is not simply exercise. You may need to use your very own family sword to save your life.”

Seeing the disbelief in his daughter’s eyes, he continues. “Baerin, the world is changing. I’ve done my best to keep you protected within our house. Your mother and I knew that as the one child that survived to term, you would be special and we have prevented the world from harming you. In doing so, we have done you a great disservice. You know your books. You know the librarians, the guards, the servants, but you don’t know the outside world.”

“I know the Masked Hamster!”, Baerin fired back.

“Marquis Gregor Halmeister, has been a great employer to our family. He has asked, once again, for you to go to his manor and help him with identifying some of his recent purchases. He has acquired a recent shipment that the seller claims are new medical and scientific products. This time, we will send you on your horse, instead of in the carriage, and we would like you to stay at his manor for a few weeks.”

Baerin stands there, mouth agape, for a moment. The Marquis has a small personal library filled with interesting books, and always has fascinating new purchases. The gems, foods and fancy rugs don’t interest her, but the side purchases… The single crates on the side that are brought over with the boring stuff; they are the nugget of gold in the pan of sand. But, to leave the house, to leave the safety of her books, this isn’t right.

“Father, how… What…”

“Baerin, you are a Dannil. It is time for you to find your place in the world. I know you can talk your way out of anything, and your mother would immediately bend when you asked to stay. Before you say anything, think of the things you will learn under the Marquis. Try it, for a few weeks before you argue. You may find you like what you find.”

Davas Dannils places his practice sword on the wall rack. He then walks over to a long, slender chest. “Come here, my daughter.” He places his hand on the lock, presses it in with a series of movements, then releases it as it clicks. It is time we presented you with your family sword.

The lid opens to reveal a new Katana, engraved with the family crest at the base of the blade. Surrounding the crest, as it always does with the family blades, is the member’s name in Jashu.

Baerin Dannils sits upon her horse, slowly making her way through the city streets. It has been several years since she first set out from her family manor, and most of the anxiety has subsided. She is headed to Marquis Gregor Halmeister’s residence once again. He has asked for her expertise on a special project and, since she owes her status as a career student to his network of connections, she will be there. Her deep purple armoured longcoat covers a simple brown shirt and pants combination. Her steel circlet shines in the sunlight, as does the decoration at the end of the Katana sheathed on her back. She kicks Edge into a gallop as she reaches the edge of the crowd and makes her way down an open street toward her next adventure.

Baerin Dannils (Deceased)

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