Asha Menchka


The second in command of Marquis Halmeister’s house guards, Asha Menchka originally came from Hendell. There she and a group of soldiers would oft perform special missions and scouting for their military. After many years in their service Asha was tired of having companions die amidst ice and snow, so she and a group of her 10 most trusted men and women to look for more pleasant work. They made their ways to Gabriel, and were able to draw the attention of Marquis Halmeister to be hired on as personal guards.

Now 38, Asha is a rugged woman who bears her scars from battle well. She keeps her blonde hair back in a tight bun, and usually has a very serious look in her sea-blue eyes. More accustom to the battlefield then the dance floor, she has picked up some minor tricks of how to present herself in public. However, she would rather be guiding her fellow soldiers and keeping the property safe rather then attending a party for the wealthy.


Asha Menchka

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