The Golden Web of Intrigue

The Final Threads

All Webs Must Be Complete Eventually

Verboden’s Epilogue
• V made his way to Helenia, and then over to Farna, and quietly lived out his life like the baron that he was, but in the peaceful area of Farna. Dyed his hair, grew it out, and lived a quiet, simple life enjoying everything that he could in a calm and quite way, with no more lawyering. During the Farna Festival that year there was a strange stall, costing very expensive to reach into a bag to pull out items. Several get quite strange items, such as a mask, crystal, and box. V then walks over when no one else does, and sets down his money. The stall owner looks up at him and shakes her dainty head, saying; “This is not for you. You’re story is already finished.”
Yvette’s Epilogue
• She married Duke Underkeeper, enjoying the secret club that she and her spouse were a member of.
• As Power she expanded across every field that she could, trying to not draw attention to herself and expand upon that group.
• She has a daughter that is born, names her Alice, and then goes on to continue refining her body and training herself to improve upon her own powers.
Zac’s Epilogue
• Z spread his name out their as a sword instructor, saving up enough money to open up his own school and build it up and its reputation as well. Would also open with 1-2 slots for the less fortunate in order to give them free service, then spread it out as well. Afterwards he and Baroness Jaclyn Tonberr continue their relationship now that their death threats against each other they further their relationship, although it is a strange and backwards way. They have two daughters, both as lovely as their mother, and the eldest is taught Aquarius as her father ages. He also teaches the nobles that fencing doesn’t always win. Eventually with Age Control he keeps helping to teach others for a great long while.
Aggro’s Epilogue
• He returns to his tribe in Nanwe, dressed in the finery that he possessed from Gabriel. He then educates his tribe on the ways the Gabrielense behave, with their manipulation, backstabbing, and some of their strange behaviors. After all of that, his other members agreed that they were really the civilized people.
Other General Epilogue Stuff
• The court case, Abercrombie wins it well, putting a good financial dent into Veis’ Gabriel Standings. John Cambry had returned home before the court case started. After they lost, the heads of the Gabriel groups were found dead within a week.
• Hyacinth went to Hausser with Nathaniel and Helmut in order to continue her education, then was able to go on to the Great University of Lucrecio.
• Frans went to Estygia and was able to find the love that he sought while also improving his family standings over seas.
• Elise became an excellent Deva and traveled abroad sharing her gifts and aiding her country.
• Stefan learned to inherit the company, working on basing things on both how his father and his step-sister Lillith for how to keep his game face.



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