The Golden Web of Intrigue

Shock and Awe

Force to Be Reckoned With

• Sunday, December 18, 989
• Zac goes first, waits, and so has Viscount Kaminari come in, surround himself by an aura of thunder, and attacks, but does no damage. Lilitth watches with the corner of her eye and tries to memorize but fails. Baerin yells “Stop this madness!” draws her sword, and waits. L tries to memorize everything again, but it is still very dark. Take-Mikazuchi attacks once more, but Zac counters easily, sending out an attack to strike and cut him, but the echoing shockwave blasts out to throw Zac into the wall, and in her surprise liquefies her and sends her blood to cover all of the walls and half of L’s face. Z waits, so Take-Mikazuchi goes for another cut, which is blocked and countered once more, but cannot hurt him. L continues trying to memorize. After another she remembers a few things. Z waits, and Take-Mikazuchi also waits, allowing him to attack first. Then Z goes in then, the two attacking each other with blocks, and counters, none getting through. Zac waits once more, L continues to watch. Shen then prepares and unleashes Cataclysm of the Storm, the first bolt is blocked, the second bolt is absorbed by his armor, and the final bolt is easily batted away. Then, Shen falls to his knees, hands smoking in pain. L stares intently and watching. Z watches Shen, seeing that he isn’t getting back up asks “Are you done?” Shen says that “Yes, I am defeated. Now, finish what you started.” Z thinks for a moment, and then refuses, saying that he cannot kill a man that cannot defend himself. Shen says that if he would give him a few moments to recover himself. Z waits, and once the smoking stops, and the armor vanishes, and Shen draws out his family nodachi, and the two return to battle. Several more rounds of inconspicuous and balanced combat between the two of them, and then Z gets the counter in order to cleave off Shen’s left calf, leaving him to bleed down. He tries to help, but Shen dies. Z takes his belongings, searches around the arena and finds nothing but broken things, so leaves. He passes L, that follows behind and watches as Z takes his and B horse back to the Marquis’ residence. When Z steps down from his horse, L sneaks up behind him and tags his cheek with her knife. They discuss the fact that she was following him and saw everything, Z throws a sack of coin down. Z grumbles about her taking advantage of the easier moment, at which point L said that that was what needed to happen. L offers to tag a few more guards first, but three guards were watching, so L is disappointed but unable to do it. Then Z goes to wake up Lord V in order to let him know. L follows.
• Z knocks on the door to Lord V room, the guard looking over him asks who it is, Z admits it is him, and then they are allowed into the room. Z tells the guard that he has already be eliminated, so they need to move on the other tasks. Lord V hopes that there is more details left since he was woken up, and Z tells him that he had killed a Viscount Shen Kaminari. They ask more questions, Z tells him everything, Lord V doubts the thunder story, asks for more information and gets the information on the letter. They go and get Frans, discuss what was going on due to the events that happened, they let him know that Baerin is dead, describe the events Frans asks about the thunder as well. Then they let him leave. Z plans to talk to the Marquis in the morning about it. Lord V suggests he not turn himself in yet. Then Z goes to bed. Lord V goes back to talk to Frans, asking that he not do anything rash yet. Frans says that he will not, since Z is the captain of the guard and a friend.
• L goes back to the arena, and sees two cloaked figures standing over Shen’s body. They whisper, so L sneaks closer in order to over hear some of their chatter, including talk of whether or not this will interfere with things, whether to continue, and whether or not Mahakala should be informed. The two then leave down different paths. L searches and finds the scepter with the thunder crystal topper, and eyes the throne but isn’t able to take it at all. Then she follows the female things path, finds a door, opens it and is barked at by a ton of dogs. She retreats back down the bloodied hall and then goes home to bed.
• In the morning Z goes to the Marquis to inform him, before Church mind you, of the events of last night that attempted to resulted in the death of Shen Kaminari, the death of Baerin, and the fact that L succeeded in assassinating him last night as well. The Marquis is unhappy, going forward with everything, then Z says that Frans gave him the letter. Z is demoted down to Vice-Captain after Z suggests that Asha go with him to Church, so she has been promoted. Then they go to church, and Z goes to wait for the Dannils in order to inform them of their daughter’s passing.
• After Church Lord V goes to his researcher from the University and gets some information on the Yinnun and papers about it as a friendly chat. Lord V then goes bodyguard hunting.
• L goes to Lord V to see if he is there, Riccard informs him of Lord V currently being out, and that if L sees him to tell Lord V that there is mail waiting for him. L asks for the mail, but Riccard refuses. L then goes to look at the house where the tunnel is, but nothing seems to be odd about it at all, there is even an old man working in his gardens.
• E spends the day with Duke Underkeeper, who asks if she has a preferred date for the wedding. She doesn’t, so the Duke sets it for February 14, 990. The two spend the rest of the day together.
• Z meets the Dannils outside after church. He informs them that there is bad news he must tell them. Lord Davas Dannils has his wife step inside, asks what it is. Z tells him that his daughter is dead. Lord Dannils wishes to know why this occurred. Z says that she was trying to stop a fight between himself and an assailant. Lord Dannils wishes to know how she died. Z says the energy pressure wave killed her. Lord Dannils comments on Z lack of injuries, but that his daughter would die. Taking a deep breath, he lashed out with a glove that Z stopped, and challenged Z to a duel on the Wednesday, December 21, 989 at noon. Z remorsefully accepted. Then left.
• Lord V was unable to find guards up to his caliber, hearing only about The Knight of The Roses. Then he went to the Marquis in order to ask if Benjamin Rell can be kept on his premises. The Marquis declines, based on all the events of late, and all of the threat that could be spread out to his family. So Lord V goes over to talk to the captain of the guard, and threatens him into having some extra guards placed on Benjamin Rell, saying he should just take out the guard from the street. Lord V then goes back to his home, gets his letter form Riccard, and then L knocks and is allowed in. She and Lord V discuss things about the events that occurred in the last night, confirms the thunder clap, and then also asks about whether the name Mahakala meant anything to Lord V. It didn’t, he suggested that she ask either Devonia the Great, or the researcher from the university. Then L leaves, and Lord V opens the letter from Duke Underkeeper, congratulating him on his success, and title of Baron Verboden. Baron V “I think I will have this framed.” He write a letter thanking the Duke and has Riccard take it over.
• Zac returns to the Marquis’ and finds a letter from Baroness Jaclyn Tonberr saying that she would love to have dinner at his earliest convenience. Z makes a reservation at the nicest restaurant in the city, with the time on Tuesday evening.
• Monday, December 19, 989
• Baron V goes around looking for the daily news around the city, seeing words about the Weinacht Celebrations, all of the other events going on, including rumors of Lord Dannils challenging a once house guard captain to a duel. There are also rumors that the same guard captain has also attempted to get a dinner date with a Baroness, and that this duel is due to the jealousy of it. Baron V puts two and two together, then goes looking for more guards, can’t find any, but there are rumors that Viscount Chakrosan has hired a group of adventurers for his latest caravan. Baron V goes to Viscount Chakrosan’s manor in order to try and find the adventurers, but is told that they would be with the caravan that would be leaving. He goes, there are several wagons, twenty soldiers, and 8 adventurers. Baron V asks them if they know anyone that is looking for work. They say that they are looking with two old friends Scamic the Red, and Dolia Von Esterbrook. Baron V goes to find Scamic the Red at Black Tom’s brothel, but is told that he is currently busy with the whores and so leaves a note to talk with later. Then he goes looking for Dolia Von Esterbrook, who is apparently looking for a home. He finds her sitting around, looking annoyed. He asks if she is Dolia. She asks who wants to know. Baron V says that he could solve her problems, since he is looking for a guard, and can give her a home as well as other tasks. He says he’ll be hiring others, and that they will need to always be one within his room when he is sleeping, cover jokes, then gives her the address. They return and Baron V sends a message to Z asking to have him help train some new guards, and a letter to the shop keep that didn’t show up in court to have to have most of his belongings taken. Riccard goes to Z, and a pigeon to the shop keep.
• L goes to the University to meet with the researcher, is given the runaround until she drops Baron V’s name and then she is helped, asks about Mahakala and gets very little information except that it might be a god from Baho. L is confused, and then decides to go looking for Devonia the Great.
• Z does his daily duties at the residence, receives a letter from Baron V, and gathers up all the Shen Kaminari objects and tucks them away in a saddle bag to be taken away by the horse, and then goes to Baron V. Dolia stands outside the gate, asking about the info regarding why he is there. Says for Lord V, then Dolia, that knows him as a Baron, gives Z a hard time about his name, and being here, then gets V, they talk, and Z brings out a training blade, and the two spar. It is a good match, back and forth, dodging and blows going against Dolia. After a ringing blow she stops the fight, and Z gives a good review and says that it should work. They wait for a while longer, and then Scamic the Red, in all his 6’10” and massive hair glory. He arrives, talks slowly, and then offers to fight someone. Z and he battle back and forth glancing swords off armor, as they are using real blades until Baron V says they can stop, and also manages to stop it all. He agrees to hire Scamic as well. He asks questions about them, previous employments, whether they drink on the job and smoke around different things, and also how things would work for their days off. Scamic wants a discount on whores from Black Tom, but will take a pay cut in order to get it. They both pass. Baron V receives a letter from the shop keep that didn’t arrive lawyer, trying to refuse paying them. Baron V offers to let them pay him a mere 200 GC in order to avoid the damages.
• L finds Devonia, watches her dance, then after sits, introduces their friend of the Baron V. Devonia asks why she is there, L asks about Mahakala, but Devonia doesn’t actually know anything. L is disappointed and goes home.
• Tuesday, December 20, 989
• Baron V enjoys a day of relaxation, getting the schedule for his new guards prepared.
• Eve does a normal day of work, and spends some time with the Duke, although he has to work through the night.
• Zac prepares for his usual day of work, heads to enjoy and practice some etiquette first. Then, that night he goes out in order make it to the restaurant earlier. He waits for a few hours until Baroness Tonberr arrives. She comments on that her travel issues had some problems (Z forgot to actually arrange for picking her up). They talk, flirt, and enjoy the fine food, discuss past and future dancing lessons perhaps, and the money to have things go. They discuss the struggles, the rumors about the duel tomorrow. Polite flirting occurred, then the Baroness looking out longingly over the dance floor. Z says that he would only embarrass her on the dance floor, but Tonberr ensures that any dancing student from her shouldn’t possibly be able to. With a great performance the two dance around the floor. Then they enjoy desert, a little more flirting, with Z mentioning Romantic Comedy with mistaken tone, which is an interesting tone. Then they take her home, Baroness leaning upon his shoulder, and Z does nothing and remains calm. As she leaves to go home Tonberr asks if there are any interesting pieces of jewelry that she would most like them. Then Z goes back to bed.
• Wednesday, December 21, 989
• Everyone goes to the duel. Baron V goes an hour early. Aggromer of Summer Isle, a massive Kwa in a suit and a monocle asks what is going on with this duel? Baron V explains it to him, gives him his name and his address should he need help in the future. Aggro takes some notes in his book. Then the duel is able to begin. Lord Dannils then allows Z to choose the weapons, and Lord Dannils chooses to go to the first blood. The two face off, Lord Dannils going in with a sweeping swipe, Z blocks, allows Lord Dannils to recover first, and then delivers a solid cut. Lord Dannils falls, the duel is ended, and the medics go treat him. Baron V goes over to inquire and thank Duke Underkeeper in person. The Duke thanks him, gestures over to Eve, and then they leave. Then they all go their separate ways afterwards.
• Eve works with Fernand during the day, then goes to spend the evening with Duke Underkeeper.
• L makes it to the Halmeister estate first, and in so doing finds an old man and a taller servant standing beside him. She looks them over, and the man gives her an eager look. He asks if she works for the Marquis, she asks who he is, and he introduces himself as Nathaniel Gotrelas, here to work with Baerin and the Marquis. N asks where they are. L tells him that the Marquis should be coming soon, and that unfortunately B has passed. N speaks of it sadly, and his servant says they should have written again. N introduces his servant as Lorenzo. They asks L about the glorious things that B keeps, it all sounding various and inuendoe, going back and forth, and they do a great deal of handshaking, that goes on to uncomfortable lengths. Then they see the carriage and Zac coming up, and L takes the chance to escape.
• Z doesn’t notice N moving up in front of his horse, and Lorenzo throws him out of the way, gets run over, and N blames him for bruising that poor horses knees. N asks where to find the Marquis, is told, attempts to open up the door, so Z asks and then opens the door, so the Marquis comes out to talk to him. Given the confusion, and disproportionate confusion of things with the dying, him coming in paying for his own luxury ticket since it is so expensive, and having Lorenzo having to buy his own. They discussed what would need to be done, and that there would be research performed, and that they would be staying in the Halmeister residence for everything. In a confused huff The Marquis has Z show him to his rooms. Z offers the two each a room, but Nathaniel insists that Lorenzo must stay with him should he need the rapid help. They also discuss when N could work with the items. Z says that he will need to discuss it with the Marquis first. He goes, and gets permission from the Marquis, but upon returning finds that N and Lorenzo are not there.
• L goes and finds the Halmeister children working on something of great import in one of the back offices. There are maps of the entire compound, including guard and Z’s usual movements, as well as a list of items. They greet L, asking if she can help them with some things. L asks what, and they tell her that they could use her assistance with some of her plant extracts for a special plan that they are going to do to Z. Interested, L asks what exactly they are going to do. Hyacinth tells her that it is in honor of Baerin, and that telling her would ruin the surprise, but that it wouldn’t hurt him. L asks for the list of things that they need, which includes a wagon wheels, ropes, strings, snails, feathers, tar, and a buffalo. L asks about the buffalo, but they refuse to tell her. She then goes to get some of her belladonna extracts from her home.
• Aggro talks to some guards, since the nobles try to ignore him, asking about where he could find work. Some suggest that he go see Baron V since he was looking for guards recently. Aggro goes to the address he already had, is let in by Riccard, and Baron V asks if he has already gotten into trouble with the locals with a chuckle. Aggro offers his services as a guard, Baron V considers it, runs Aggro through the same rules as he did for the other two, doesn’t have to pay Aggro as much, gets him to sign a similar contract, but with it added that if Aggro is forced to do anything against his will or criminally unsightly Aggro will be able to terminate the contract himself and seek vengeance. Baron V agrees, and has Aggro battle Dolia in order to prove his skill. In one blow Aggro rocks her, and Dolia grumbles that she would like to see Aggro fight “the three letters” that beat her earlier. Baron V assures her that she won’t be fired for that performance, and eagerly hires Aggro as his day-time guard.
• On her way out of the Marquis’, L sees Z looking around. She follows as Z asks a guard if he saw N going anywhere. He points out that N and Lorenzo went looking for the workroom. Z goes down and finds them looking at the items with N holding the thunderstick. Z and the others discuss the things going on with what they know of the items, and then Z mentions that the sphere kills people, so N wants to look at it. Z says that only the Marquis has the key to access it, and that he won’t ask until tomorrow. N offers to tell Z the name of the sphere if he gets the key tonight. Z refuses, and they return to their rooms. Z leaves and locks the door, locking L inside, since she had been stealthily following them to avoid N attention. She opened the lock on the case, and then opened the door and left. She made her way over to the diner table where everyone was eating. L walked over and whispered to N that “It is unlocked”, N eagerly leans forward whispering so loud that everyone can here “It is?! We are talking about the same it, yes?” L confirms, N old-man kisses her forehead, and N loudly whispers to Lorenzo for them to pretend to sleep and then slip in there. Z follows the two back to there room, where as soon as the door closes N makes loud snoring sounds. Z goes down to stand in the room until they arrive. When they do, L warns N and Lorenzo that Z is waiting for them. N gives Lorenzo a serious look, and tells him that Z is an obstacle that must be dealt with. They go down to the room, where Lorenzo opens the door and tells Z that he should leave. Z says that he will stay to watch and ensure nothing too bad happens. Lorenzo tells Z that he can if he must, but that he mustn’t turn around. N keeps peaking his head in when Lorenzo repeats his warning, L watching, and then N walks behind Z to go to the sphere. Z turns around to watch him. In a blur Lorenzo strikes the back of Z’s head, stunning him slightly as N opens the case, pokes the sphere, smiles, closes the case. And walks out. As he goes he whispers to Z “The Bound Sphere of Thelmos”, then goes to bed. Z, head still ringing, goes to bed.
• Thursday, December 22, 989
• In the morning Z tells the Marquis about the name of the sphere that N looked at. Then he goes about his usual duties. He notices that N and Lorenzo go into one of the studies with the Halmeister Children. The sound of a buffalo can be heard around the compound. When Z asks Hyacinth about it, she smiles and says that it just arrived, perhaps it was N’s. Then she says goodbye to Zac the Buffalo and heads inside.
• Fernand, Eve, Baron Verboden, Lillith, each receive a letter inviting them to a special supper in Baerin’s honor at the Halmeister residence tonight, and that they may each have a chair for an extra guest at the table. The letter is from the Halmeister children, and they ask that no one tells Zac.
• At supper a great meal is served. Eve brings the Duke, Baron V brings Aggro, and Fernand brings his four secretaries and has them sit one atop each other in the one extra chair. To top it all off with a flan desert prepared by the Halmeister Children and sprinkled with leaves. L cringes when she sees the leaves. Each dish is given out and consume. N comments on the offensive consistency but delicious flavor. Lorenzo almost smiles. Z resists the belladonna poison within his serving, and so leaves, while the Halmeister Children have everyone else follow them outside.
• Everyone hides behind one of the hedgerows where there is a lever, a rope for each of Hyacinth, Frans, and Stefan, and a delicate string for Elise. They watch as Z spots the gold coin of bait, and after a moment of consideration bends over to pick it up. Stefan pulls his rope and sends a bucketful of snails to strike Z’s backside to crawl over him. Then as Z continues Frans pulls his to unleash some swinging bright lanterns, which Z easily sidesteps, which puts him into the path of the tar Hyacinth triggers, covering him. On their swing back the lanterns have a container of feathers, but Z dodges that as well. Then Elise pulls her thin string, and Zac The Buffalo is unleashed to wander forward with a strawberry push in a planter on its head. Z walks around the buffalo as it sits down. Then N brings up his hands, with a string attached to each, and begins to manipulate them. The strawberry plant flies from the pot to strike Z’s lower back, the pot lands on his head like a helmet, and the buffalo soars through the air to embrace Z in an awkward, hovering, creature hug. Lorenzo then pulls the lever before him, and a single firework launches into the sky. Sparks light up the night, a light snow begins to fall, and a bag of feathers comes back to explode over the pair of Zacs.



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