The Golden Web of Intrigue

Shadows in the Dark

When is a whisper louder then a shout?

• After several days of research, working with Hyacinth, and discussing all the things about them, Baerin locates the name of someone that she believes could help; Nathaniel Gotrelas. She takes the name over to the Marquis, who did not know him, or have previous contact with him. B suggests that he may have some knowledge in the material and the meetings behind it, and suggests that they bring him in as an expert. The Marquis asks when she would like him to bring Mr. Gotrelas in as soon as possible. B writes up two letters, runs one by Zac, which he approves of and allows them to be sent. B then goes to get two birds to each take one letter over to Mr. Gotrelas in Hausser.
• Eve awakens in the morning, Duke Underkeeper still asleep beside her. She quietly gets dressed, makes her way to the door, is offered a carriage and accepts it. She makes it back home.
• Lillith tends to her gardens and relaxes.
• In the morning Lord V enjoys his breakfast, then goes down to the zeppelin port in order to meet up with Abercrombie Zerro, in order to gauge what kind of a person he is. Peering through the crowds of nobles he spots a lone man, well dressed, short cropped black hair and beard, and a walking stick. Lord V introduces himself, and also says that he would have been the lawyer against him in the case. When Abercrombie inquires about him not actually being involved in the case anymore. Lord V explains about what occurred with the whole, your client was a witch thing, and then the execution of her in the street. Abercrombie is slightly dissuaded by the discovery of these facts, and wonders what he will need to do now. Lord V apologizes for his traveling all this way for nothing, but Abercrombie ensures him that there would be something for him to do. With a nod the two part. Lord V goes to speak with Gaston Beauregard. Gaston is incredibly busy going through all the pages, so Lord V informs that a client is wondering if he would be interested in selling his home, but Gaston says that it is his family seat, and he intends to keep them and do what he can for his family name. Lord V says that he had expected as much, and takes his leave. He then goes back to and enjoys his afternoon to relax.
• Baerin takes some time to teach Hyacinth, and she discusses that it is sad to see that Gaston will be having such trouble attempting to keep things organized as well as trying to win over her sister Elise.
• Eve returns home, bathes, changes into her armor and goes to the spice shop for work with Fernand. When F sees E enter, he tells her to help with the crates that are being brought into and out of the spice shop. She notes the ones going out are heavier then the ones coming in, so she carries more of the ones that are being taken out. Afterwards she escorts F back to his home, tries to discuss things with her aunt Joceline Garnier-Louis but she is out at the theatre, so then goes to spend supper and the night with Duke Underkeeper. She is not crushed.
• Thursday, December 8, 989
• Lord V goes to talk to Black Tom Fer in order to learn what is going on around, looking for a forger (although he describes him as a scribe), and Black Tom is able to help. He suggests he go to a certain tea shop tomorrow morning to meet with Renaut Duless. Nodding Lord V leaves 50 GC behind and makes his way home, where he tends to his hawk for a while. He draws up a few notes to ensure the void status of the deals between Marquis Halmeister and the Beauregardes and has Riccard take them over for Gaston to sign them. He then tends to his hawk, and sends the bird out. It comes back with a massive grey raven, with an incredibly ornate letter, sealed with a strange seal and addressed only to “Blood-flower”. Pulling out the letter, he brushes away some light powder from it, and sees that it is talking of an etching of a man with an aura over two prostrate men, with sigils that closely resemble other items the Marquis possessed. Noting it, Lord V hides the letter with his others, and enjoys the night. He prepares a will in order to write up a will regarding what should happen if Gaston were to die, allowing for all of his belongings. He makes it so that all of the previous sales are honored, and that all his worldly belonging are donated to The Church.
• Lillith tends to her garden once more.
• Baerin spends time with Hyacinth and waits for the letter from Hausser to return.
• Eve returns from the Duke’s and goes over to Fernand’s, then the two of them go in order to help him tend to things. There are still a few crates to be dealt with, and then sending them out to be transferred. Afterwards, the two of them go to leave. They make their way back to Fernand. Then goes to her Aunt Joceline’s estate, where she is in, and so Eve asks for some help with etiquette, as well as with dancing lessons. When E mentions the Duke, her aunt accepts and demands some money in exchange eventually, and starts taking the switch to her. She then goes over to guard Fernand in order to protect him.
• The spice shop is burned, but Zac and his guards are able to apprehend or kill all of the perpetrators, exactly according to plan. The Veis man is taken back to the Halmeister estate, where he is restrained.
• Friday, December 9, 989
• Baerin spends some time teaching Hyacinth, and then goes over to her home in order to visit with her family.
• In the morning Lord Verboden receives the signed letters from Gaston Beauregard, and takes them with him to the tea shop to meet up with Renault Duless the scribe. They have a polite conversation when describing the work to be done, and gives him the copy of the will. He then goes to speak with Marquis in order to see how things went with their plan the night before. Zac is at his usual post, which Lord V takes as a good sign. He enters to the Marquis’ room, and is informed of the burning of the spice shop, and the apprehension of the individuals responsible were killed or apprehended, the thugs in the hold of the city guard while the man in charge is being held upon his own premises. Lord V nods satisfied, goes over to the city guard in order to see what would work with them. He talks to the guard in charge, that challenges Lord V for why the leader of this group, if they do actually work for Veis Industries isn’t in their personal custody. Lord V stands up and puts the guard down out of lack of trust in his capabilities. Then goes off to the returns home, and has Riccard request that Lillith join him for supper. He then writes up a formal request in order to demand Veis being brought to court by the accusations of work.
• Eve checks in on Fernand, nothing bad has happened, so she goes back to her home, gets ready, sees that the work is progressing along nicely. She then goes back over in order to look around. Goes in to check on Fernand where he would be working. Finds him standing in front of a scorched husk where his spice shop was. F bellows and rage at E for failing to protect his property, and then he drags her over to the Marquis’. Upon arrival he bellows at Zac to fetch him the Marquis, Zac stalls and tries to get him to calm down, then takes him to the Marquis’ study. The Marquis asks what is wrong, F shouts regarding the burning of his spice shop and the loss of it due to E’s failure. The Marquis points out F wasn’t there, and that he is fine, so it is not her fault. F continues to sputter, until the Marquis points out that he won’t be docked any pay for it. Then F calms, straightens, and leaves. Before leaving, E asks if any of it will come out of her payment, and the Marquis says no. They go to F clothing shop, where he fires several of the staff to make himself feel better. E has to help unroll the silk for the others to work with.
• Upon reaching home, Baerin spars with her father. Their match is even, and she noticed some bruises and sweat in his clothes. Afterwards, she persuades her father to tell her what happened to him out of worry. He tells her that he is joined in a member of an elite club in order to be able to learn how to fight under normal conditions, rather then the highly structured scenario of duels. He asks if B would care to meet those that attend with him, and she asks quite interested. Davas Dannils offers to take her to meet them tomorrow night. She agrees, and then goes back to the Marquis’.
• Lillith joins Lord V for dinner, being escorted in to wait upon the master in the dining room. She plops down into a chair while Riccard prepares a great deal of food and drink for two spots. L accepts a glass of wine. Once everything is set, Lord V arrives, greets L, and discusses an offer to deliver this new will into Gaston Beauregard’s home, place it in a secure place where it would be located, find any other will and dispose of it, try to not kill anyone inside, and if he was able to find the Beauregard family seal and seal it in that way. Stealth would be important. L accepts, and says that she would be available to come in the end of the night, in order to acquire the package, and then deliver it as needed. Lillith leaves, Lord V opens a window and begins writing, shortly after he hears a ruffle behind him as Umbra and Penumbra arrive. They discuss the new plan that Lord V made, since he does not like their original plan, and so they agree what is going on regards to the new plan, to ensure that they are able to acquire the wealth that they are due. With another nod they vanish back into the night. Lord V has a few drinks, and goes to bed.
• Saturday, December 10, 989
• In the morning Lord V goes back to the tea shop, takes the new paper from Renaut Duless. He looks it over, and is pleased with the result. He thanks Renaut for the work, gives the man 50 GC, and says that if he needs to contact him again, he would like his contact information. Renaut gives him an address to contact him at. Lord V leaves, pleased that he never left his own name. He then returns to his home.
• Baerin spends the morning instructing Hyacinth, and also Stephan sine Hyacinth says that Stephan has been feeling down, and some training with them might be of assistance. Baerin happily accepts, and she helps instruct them, while also trying to boost Stephan’s morale. B does a bad job for her, but it is enough to help boost his feelings, even if Hyacinth only gave her a raised eyebrow for the poor performance. B just shrugged and said that she was trying to not overwhelm him all at once, Hyacinth doesn’t buy it.
• Lillith tends to her nightshade during the day.
• Baerin goes to her fathers residence, finds him outside waiting on a horse, cloaked, and with his sword strapped. He asks if she is ready, which she is, and they go off in order to locate it. They travel around and reach a different area towards the middle ground, where he goes over to knock upon a cellar door three times. Then he waits for a few moments, opens it, and descends. Within the cellar there is a nice little study area, with an older man, who upon seeing them pushes aside a bookcase to open up another pathway. Traveling through it, they find themselves in the chamber and arena for The Bloodied Rose. There are 11 members within, including a man behind the counter taking and giving bets. In the arena is Frans battling with Solo. After a moment Solo shield bashed him to the ground to a cheer from the crowd gathered. Viscount Kaminari applauds Frans’ effort, saying that Solo remains champion. Then, noting the Dannils’ arrival, the Viscount asks for introduction, which is given, the Viscount greets her, and asks if she would like to challenge anyone in the glorious dance that is this chamber. Looking around, she worries, but then decides that she should try it, and start with the big guy.
• Baerin challenges Solo within the pit, with 91:1 odds. Davas Dannils places 100 GC down on his daughter. Baerin places 100 GC on herself as well. Viscount Kaminari smiles down and watches. Baerin gives a look of fear at her father before they begin, before she lunges in with her katana, two-handed, getting past the shield, but the fur armor and muscle soaks it up. Solo swings in with his lance stabbing her solidly in the stomach with his spear, shedding her blood. Solo then follows up with the shield bash, but she dodges and swings in with her sword, but again the armor soaks it up. B swings in for Solo’s thigh, but the muscle soaks it up. Baerin then plants her sword in the sand and bows. The others applause around the hall as well. She is welcomed happily, goes to get herself patched up. Her father is proud of her performance, saying that she made a very good first showing and that she should fit in just as well as he does. Then they remain and watch the rest of the night’s action.
• Lillith goes to get the will from Lord V, is told the basic outline of the estate, and then waits for the right time to act. Lord V turns in for the night.
• Eve takes the opportunity to meet with the dancing instructor that her aunt Jocelyn found for her. It turned out to be Baroness Jaclyn Tonberr, who teaches her quite well. Then E goes over to the Duke’s residence, but he regrettably tells her that he has plans this evening, as he dressed himself in a leather raincloak and thick gloves. He allowed her to stay the night without him. While exploring the mansion, Eve saw the Duke leaving with six guards, some with helms shaped like boars and others like bulls. They rolled away in a massive carriage.
• Sunday, December 11, 989
• Sapphire goes in at the Beauregard residence at 1 am. She watches the guards at the gate, then moves in order to scale the wall and hop over. Seeing two guards at the end, she then decides to try the back servant’s door. She picks the lock, and sneaks inside. Heading to the office, she looked over her shoulder to see two shrouded figures crouching behind her. They watch her and she watches them, finding that neither actually move or do anything. With a shrug, and considerable discomfort, L brings out her lockpick, attempts to get into the door, but snaps her pick leaving the metal embedded into the lock. She looks over her shoulder, and the other two are still watching her, L “Sigh, I have and audience and now these errors start to begin.” Using her stiletto she pries the broken bit of metal out of the door. She goes looking for the master bedroom, and finds three guards waiting outside, so she goes outside, she finds the windows to each of the study and Then she goes down to the servants’ quarters where all of them are sleeping. Seeing a ring of keys, L deftly slipped it from the walls, and pulled them from the wall. L then went over to the study, opens the door, and notices that no one else seems to be following her anymore. Once inside, she goes to the desk, and finds that the drawer is locked. Using some of the keys as a replacement pick, she opens it, and finds a will, a seal, sealing wax, and a taper. She takes the will, opens it, and reads it. Gaston is leaving 1/3 of the wealth to the church, 1/3 to be divided between the culinary schools of Chaville, and the other 1/3 is to be given to Elise Halmeister as a token of his fallen love. L, in order to compare, reads the will that Lord V gave her, since it wasn’t sealed. She keeps the original, seals Lord V’s and places it in the drawer, relocks it, and then grabs a crystal decanter of scotch and a few crystal glasses as her souvenirs. She closes and relocks the door, returns the keys, closes the back door, and retreats back to her home. She places the crystal ware to decorate her house before sleeping for a few hours.
• In the morning Lord V, The Halmeisters, E, and Duke Underkeeper all go to church.
• L takes the opportunity in the morning to acquire some replacement lockpicks. While out in the market she hears that Gaston Beauregard was found dead in his room this morning, having apparently hanged himself with a belt after the grief over the loss of his parents.
• Lord V hears the same news as L while returning home from church. It makes him smile.
• Baerin works with Hyacinth, goes over the schedule in her head that she received from The Bloodied Rose, and spoke with Frans when he requested it. She accepted, and he asked her not to tell his father how he spends his free time. B responded by saying he had to make sure that he did not die. Frans responded by letting her know that no one had yet died in the pits, and that few are ever even maimed. He also complimented her on her performance against Solo. B replied by saying that she couldn’t even seem to cut his bare leg, and commented on what an incredible physical specimen he was. Frans grinned, and hoped that B and Solo would have plenty of opportunities for some physical sparring in the time to come. B just raised an eyebrow as he walked away.
• L went over to Lord V in order to discuss the completion of her mission. She asked Riccard if Lord V had been acting strangely of late. Riccard said no more then usual. When shown into his office by Riccard, she informed Lord V of the success of her mission. Lord V asked if she found another will. L said that she did, and that it was removed from the premises, and that she still had it on her when V asked. L then asked about the two strange figures that appeared and followed her, to which V played perfect ignorance. She also commented on the death of Gaston, and the fact that she wasn’t able to do it. V assured her that he had nothing to do with it, since she was his go to girl for such tasks. L still suspected that something might be amiss, given the convenient timing. V argued otherwise, that sometimes things just work out fortuitously. L asks about the pay for following the Veis man around, and V says that for that she must ask the Marquis. V asked L what her rate for the night of stealth would be, and L responded 200 GC. V offered her 500 GC so that he could have the letter and burn it. L took the 200 GC, but refused to give him the will, saying that she would deal with it to which V shrugged. V commented that she seemed very attached to this will, and L commented that V seemed to be acting most strangely, and that something about all the coincidences in this job made her skin crawl. They left on awkward terms. V smiled and allowed himself a drink. He receives a response from Veis, demanding all of the details of those captured, the damages and full stock of the spice shop, and all individuals involved so that they can contact them. V did not respond to those demands.
• Heading over to the Marquis’ L sees Z training with the three guards being punished, two already collapsed. She goes in to discuss with the Marquis about her pay. He smiles to her, hopes that things are going well, and gives her 150 GC. Before leaving L mentions that V had been acting strangely of late, and that something didn’t feel right about it. The Marquis commented on how troubling it would be to have to worry about V working behind their back. L suggests someone should watch him. The Marquis asks her to do so, since he trusts her as family. As L leaves she is stopped by Marquess Sylvia Halmeister. The Marquess informs L that there have been darker rumors about her, given her tendency to visit the Marquis and Lord V at strange hours of the day, and that it is casting a dark light on what others think she does. L assures the Marquess that nothing is going on, and the Marquess agrees, since otherwise she wouldn’t allow L inside the grounds. She is merely warning her for her, and the Marquis’, sake.
• Z goes over to the Barber, asking about people that could teach him to do strange things. The Barber points Z towards Black Tom Fer. Black Tom jokes about there not being a raid as he sees the heavily armored man, hoping Z will spend coin on a fine young woman, or man, and then takes him to his office to discuss things, although he brings two of his guards with him. They discuss Z desire to learn “secret, forbidden in some places arts”, and after some innuendo Black Tom agrees to put him in touch with an instructor for what he needs, but not until tomorrow night as she has a dance lesson today. Z gives the man 100 GC in thanks, and then Black Tom tries one last attempt to get Z to sample his wares, which he politely declines and goes back to the Marquis’.
• During the day Eve trains with her aunt and Baroness Tonberr. Eve spends the evening with the Duke, enjoying his company and foods. Once more that night the Duke vanishes with his strange guards as the sun goes down.
• Monday, December 12, 989
• In the morning Zac is summoned by one of the guards, because the Veis man has been found murdered. Z brings B with him, and they enter the room to find the Veis man’s throat slit with a single slash that went deep through his neck all the way to his spine. They look for evidence, but find no signs of forced entry, no one heard anything, the injury looked to be a remarkably thin curved blade like a sickle perhaps, and the cut would have silenced the victim and caused him to suffocate on his own blood. Both the door and window were locked. Z asked the guards if they saw or heard anything, the only report was of one of the dogs whimpering as it approached beneath the window, but then it continued onwards. Z informed the Marquis, who was incredibly displeased upon hearing this news. He wonders what kind of case they have against Veis without the man, and Z tells him the truth, without that man they really have no case. The Marquis dismisses Z. Z goes to inform Lord V, telling him that he has bad news, V responds that he hates bad news. When Z tells him the details, V is incredibly displeased with Z’s guards’ failure. V thinks things over after Z leaves. While wandering, V hears that there have been a few questions raised about Gaston’s will, so it is being delayed in being followed currently.
• After the claims against her, L decides to go out and around the shopping district, to make a public appearance at reasonable hours as it were. She examines some shops, politely plays along to some of the shop keeps flirtatious banter, and leaves without purchasing anything. L hears that another of Count Chakrosan’s caravans has gone missing. This makes the tenth missing caravan for him. She then makes her way home.
• Eve and Fernand are tending to the clothing shop when four incredibly young, incredibly attractive, and incredibly intoxicated women enter. They cast their gaze around the lovely fabrics, until they fall upon F. They begin a long discussion in Jashú, where F seduces all of them back to his place. He tries to leave E in charge, but she refuses to not guard him, so he attempts to get her to join in on the frivolity, but she refuses that as well. So she stands outside and hears all the sounds echoing from within F room, for the rest of the day.
• V went out to find Devonia, and after allowing her to finish her performance, and talk to a possible wealthy and elderly investor, asked her about knowing any individuals capable of the kind of murder that was performed, without leaving any footprints. If it wasn’t for the footprints detail Devonia said she could help, to which V reminded her that he knew several people that could do it leaving foot prints, upon which both agreed. Devonia lightheartedly wished that she could avoid leaving footprints, as he slippers danced across the cobbles, but she couldn’t help anymore. V gave her 2 GC for the performance.
• Z returned to the Marquis’ residence, discussed with B to look outside, and found a few drops of blood trailing from the guest house. B suggests that the lack of footprints even here suggests that the murderer may have been able to float above the ground. They brought a dog over, followed it, and found that it lead to the wall, although the drops stopped earlier. Leading the dog outside they found that they couldn’t pick up the trail amidst all the other smells of the metropolis. Z went to go chat with the barber.
• V arrived to speak with the Marquis, to inform him of what he learned, and that they would need to drop the case against Veis in order to avoid a crushing defeat and counter suits of slander. The Marquis was not pleased, but V reminded him that they both knew it to be a high risk-reward venture when they went in to it. V also said that he would even draft a formal withdrawl of charges and apology letter, no matter how much it pained him. V returned to his home and set out to write the letter. Later he learned that Gaston’s will had been allowed, and his commission of sale was delivered to him. It let him fall to sleep easily.
• At the barber’s Z asked the man about strange sharp weapons that could make the injuries that were inflicted. The Barber didn’t know, although he suggested a straight razor as he was shaving Z’s neck. Z thanked him with 5 GC. Z sent a bird to ask L to meet him at the Marquis’ to discuss things later. Z then went of to meet with his Weight Elimination instructor by a fountain. It turned out to be Baroness Jaclyn Tonberr, who had him try to walk on the fountain, then run through it. After her fun she trained him for 10 hours straight through the night, after which she charged him 500 GC for her time and effort. Z happily paid, the Baroness told him not to be a stranger and left with only slightly exaggerated hip movement.
• In the middle of the night V was awakened by Umbra and Penumbra standing over him. They inform him that the shipment they wanted to acquire had been done so successfully, and that their business could conclude. V held very good composure. The two asked him about the agent that he had used, complimenting her on her skills and her will to stick it out to the very end even when difficulties arose. V agreed on her skills. Then the pair said that there could still be loose ends, such as V and L, and wondered what to do with them. V said that their agreement had been fulfilled so they should leave. The two wondered what they should do now. The two asked if a real will had been found, V said L had it, the two asked for L’s address so that they could get the will. V gave the address and told the two to try and avoid waking, being seen, or talking to L. The two promised they would not bother V again and left. V went straight to the scotch.
• L was awoken by Umbra and Penumbra. She also maintained her composure in only her lingerie. The two complimented her on her skills, and also asked if she had the will from Gaston. L told them she didn’t, but the two doubted her. L told them she burned it, and that seemed to make the two sad. They said they did not wish to need Gaston to die, as his head and face could not be taken. He should therefore still have been allowed to live. They wished to send the will out to allow Gaston a final piece of truth, instead of all the lies. They asked if there were other copies for L to take them out to be seen. They asked if L would attempt to come after them, L said she had no way to find them, so the two asked again, and L asked why. They also complimented L on her skills, especially in one so young, and that they were glad they did not need to clip her before her skills could properly bloom. The two told her that she must savor the chaos that can be caused in the darkness more, for in doing so at the moment of kill she will be able to enjoy an incomparable pleasure. L asked them who they were. The two responded Umbra and Penumbra. L asked what they were, and they responded “We are whoever we wish to be.” With a few parting words the two vanished.
• Tuesday, December 13, 989
• Eve guarding the door sees F strand out naked, where he walks to the basin and splashes himself in water until his skin glistened, and then charged back into the bedroom, where he closed the door and sounds began to issue forth again. His argument was that since the spice shop had been burnt down he could take a day off. E therefore went over to spend time with the Duke. She asked about the strange guards he left with, to which the Duke replied that the details were beyond her dowry, and that if he could bring her with him he would, but he can’t afford to. The two then enjoyed a night, where Duke Underkeeper pinned E to the mattress with his girth.
• V sends the cancellation letter of to Veis with Riccard.
• B helps her teaching with Hyacinth once more, taking a break from the murder.
• L arrives and Z leads her into the guest house. Z asks L what she knows about murderers not leaving footprints, to which L responded; “Why, as a perfectly normal lady of Gabriel I haven’t the slightest idea.” When Z led L to the crime scene, she slapped him, feigned disgust and horror, and retreated to one of the studies on the lower level. When Z caught up L was shaking her head. L “Asking me these things when anyone could overhear. What do you know?” Z gave her the description of the details, and the dogs informing her of things. Z just comments on being unable to figure out how they couldn’t leave footprints, L says that she could do the same, Z challenges her, and so L walks up the wall and stays there. Z “Ah, I see. I learned to do the same thing just the other day.” With a sigh L continues, as the only options she can see was the guards are either corrupt or inept, there is a secret way in, or the person came in through the window, although how they could lock it again from the outside is beyond her. Z is quite positive that it would be the window, as there are no secret ways in. L still has her doubts, and suggests that it might be the guards’ fault. Having provided her expertise L leaves, and Z prepares to grill the guards.



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