The Golden Web of Intrigue

Shades of Veis

Some Challenges Rise Up Once More

• Tuesday December 13, 4:00 pm
• Lord V takes the poisoned letter over to the Marquis’ residence to discuss with B. She is currently working on the strange objects in the basement of the workshop. B hears Lord V come down, he greets her, and says that the letter is the important part, excuse the dust. B asks about the dust, Lord V says that it was in there before, and that the letter is the important part. B stares at the image upon it, realizes what it is, and its importance, hopes to be bringing in the expert as soon as possible. B then goes to the Marquis to request the key to the “Doom Sphere”, and the Marquis sends Z down there with her. Lord V leaves, frustrated at the lack of word of thanks.
• Lord V listens to the rumors on his way back, hearing of the big party for Weinacht, with the Arch-Chancellor’s party for it, and that there are rumors involved with Lord V, going into some form of witch hunting lawyer thanks to the events with the high inquisitor.
• B and Z go down towards the case. Z moves forward and insists he open it after B tells him that it has killed several people. Z unlocks the case, opens the door, and backs up cautiously, B watches to make sure Z doesn’t do anything dumb. B attempts to sketch the runes first, but as Z looks over her shoulder he notes that none of them really look the same. B grumbles, and then looks over the quadrants to memorize and try and draw them, getting the images together, but then scratches out the last bit of paper when she sneezes. Frustrated she pokes it. Nothing happens. She pokes it five more times, then the orb’s dark aura lashes out and scorches up her arm. After picking herself up, she grumbles, says that she wants to try something between her and the sphere next time, then locks it away. Z says that she probably shouldn’t play with it again. B glares at him, then goes to get some rest, patches herself up exceptionally well first.. Z gives the key back to the Marquis, then writes up a letter for L and one for Baroness Tonberr. Z asks L to meet with him at the Marquis’, and he asks Baroness Tonberr if he may take her out to dinner.
• Eve tries on every single piece of the new wardrobe that she got from Duke Underkeeper.
• Wednesday, December 14, 989
• L checks her mail, finds the letter from Z, and begins heading over to the Marquis’
• B finds a letter from Nathaniel Gotrelas, showing a great deal of interest in the items, asking if he could get more information to be sent to him. B gives some teasers regarding the thunder stick, and says that it is two sensitive to be sent, so she invites him to come in and enjoy himself.
• Lord V has breakfast, listens to the news on the street, and then goes for an entire day to a fine spa, treated to all the things that he could hope to enjoy (4 GC).
• Eve prepares for guard duty, goes over to Fernand’s, finds him in the armor shop followed by his four women from the earlier days carrying leather folders. Eve just looks at them, then with a smile F says that E will now be guarding him and his minions. E says that the contract is just for F, and that he would need to discuss the plan with the Marquis first. F grumbles, and then says that she can either guard all of them or carry the big box in the corner. E carries the box of armor and then goes back to her guarding.
• Z places the corpse of the Veis man in the crate in his room, and plans to move it that evening.
• L arrives at the Marquis’, finds Z leaving the guest house dusting his hands. They greet each other, go to Zac’s office, and then Z gives the whole plan for the mock assassination training, where L will come in, pretend to kill Z, marking guards that are killed with paint, and if they reveal L presence after being beaten Z will dock them a month’s pay. Z asks if they should no the actual details of the night, L says that that would defeat the principle of things. They agree, figure they should tell the Marquis and give him extra guards until it is done (should L be trailed by a real assassination). They go to speak with the Marquis, who is sitting in a study staring out the window at nothing. Z knocks, asks if he is busy, Marquis gives a sarcastic response, then invites them in. They go over the plan, the Marquis asks how much it will cost, L says half her usual rate (250 GC), which the Marquis agrees to pay if the attack is thwarted, and Z pays if the attack succeeds. They agree, Z goes to tell the guards. Z and L say that they will need to have extra guards on the Marquis and his family until this is done.
• L goes to talk to B, sees the injury of her arm and asks about it, B grumbles about the injury, pain, and burning. L says that she came to visit because she was bored, B says that she didn’t know L came around so much. Then B mentions that she received a letter with some white powder in it. L is interested and asks for it, so B brings out the letter and gives it to L, both pass their VR, L identifies the poison as Dried Blood flower Pulp (Inhalation, quick unconciousness). L asks if there have been any negative impacts from people opening it, B says no, asks if L knows what it is, L says that it isn’t lethal. Noting the Blood flower label on the envelope L asks if they know where they got it, B says she doesn’t know it came from Lord V, which makes L think even more, and then L asks if B has a vial for taking the poison away. B leads L down into the room of black metal objects, L is fascinated by everything within. B says L shouldn’t touch the shock stick, or the box. L asks about the box, B says that it is the sphere inside that kills people, and that it may have done her arm. L asks about the stick, B says that it seems to be about pain and shock, then shows it by hitting some metal with it. B mentions they were going to use it for an interrogation, but they were too persuasive early on. L offers her assistance in learning more about them, B suggests they not do anything until they learn that it won’t actually kill them for sure. L accepts, gets the vial and takes the powder, then leaves.
• Back at the Armor shop, Eve notices some strange individuals walk in, four soldiers, and one guy from Veis Industries. Veis asks to speak with the owner. F sees the symbol, and tells E to kill them. The Veis man is surprised and begins backing up. Eve asks “What”. F gives the same order. E says that she won’t actually break the law, but she will defend them. F then tells the Veis man that he either needs to buy something or else E will kill them all. Veis tries to leave, F persuades them to go buy something first, so they buy the suit of armor already packed. F then tells E she will need to stay in order to defend the shop over night. E refuses, so F tells her to tell the Marquis or else get down on him. E leaves to the Marquis’.
• Z tells the guards things about the plan, and that there will be 2 extra guards on each of the Halmeisters during it. He also tells the 6 head butlers and serving ladies, that spread it around and gossip fiercely.
• Lord V listens for rumors regarding while at the spa, hears the same things, that The Knight of the Rose has been quiet of late, and that there is to be a mock assassination at the Halmeister residence in order to train the guards. Lord V shakes his head as he hears this.
• E arrives at the Marquis’, goes to find him drinking in the study. E tells him of the events, the Marquis tells her to guard the shop. E tells of the lewd comments F has made, and the Marquis says that she can punch him anywhere it wouldn’t bruise, and gets it in writing.
• Z puts extra guards on the Halmeisters, an extra dog in the hallway at night, then placing everything around in order to get things ready.
• B hears about the mock assassination, goes and asks about the security, then asks about being able to stay with Hyacinth at night. Z says okay if Hyacinth says so, Hyacinth says that it is okay. B thinks the defenses sound pretty good, but would need extra specialists, but this would be expensive. Then B goes over to Hyacinth.
• L shakes her head regarding hearing about her own mock assassination attempt.
• Lord V goes home, does some falconry, gets an owl and brings down an enormous letter. He has Riccard cook the owl up, takes the large vellum wrapped package into his study, opens it, and has a yinnun that he can’t see throw a fireball into the room that Lord V dodges, the fire scorches the room and smoke begins to fill the room. He opens the door, shouts for Riccard to fetch water, then takes his sword and looks at the box. Riccard comes, and is able to extinguish the fire rapidly. Lord V watches the box, nothing happens, then flips it over to look inside. Sees papers covered with sealing comments in Jashù and the word Yinnun outside. He tells Riccard to bring out some wine for the meal. Lord V enjoys the meal and some wine.
• Eve spends the night inside the blacksmith shop, hear some people approaching. Goes to the window, sees the Veis guy and four soldiers with glass bottles and wicks. E goes outside, kills one that has standing by the window, covering the man with his right leg cut off shrouding him in flames. The Veis man runs, and then the guards stare at her, she scares them into dropping the bottles, one starting the shop on fire, the second the one man on fire, and the other starting the street on fire. The two okay soldiers run off, E puts out the shop with her cloak, then ran through the fires in order to chase after the Veis man, she catches up with him, chases him, they shout for guards, and then they bring forwards all of the individuals. The guards on duty take both E and the Veis man inside, in order to check their stories.
• Z takes the corpse out on a cart, reaches the closed gate, the guard is unhappy by the stench and asks what Z is doing. Z says that he is taking rotting meat out of the city. They open the door for him, let him take it out, then lock it out behind. Z sleeps outside for the night.
• Thursday, December 15, 989
• Lord V gets a letter from E saying the state that she is in jail again. Lord V goes over to the courthouse.
• Z goes over to the gate, the doors are open, and he is held up with all the taxation, requests regarding where he went and what they did, and then after all the run around he bribed the man 10 GC to be let back in.
• Lord V meets up with E within the prison, gets informed of all the information that they wished for. Talks to the guards, asks to meet withThe Veis man, Benjamin Rell. He cringes when he learns Lord V is working for his opponent. Refuses to give a statement until his lawyer arrives. Lord V gets the information of the guards that did the arrest, finds that 3 of the four still owe him that favor. Lord V waits until the other lawyer arrives, and it is Abercrombie Zerro, who greets him happily in order to suggest that they may get to face off. Lord V then gets his statement from Benjamin Rell, which claims that it was drunken revelry, and then she assaulted them. Lord V thanks Abercrombie and Benjamin for their time, and then leaves. He goes to talk with the Captain of the Guards, who says the drunken revelry story, and that they will stay until bail is paid. Benjamin gets his bail paid right away (19 GC), and E regretfully pays hers (109 GC). Then Lord V goes to talk with his rent a guards, but realizes that they can’t really be used, since changing the story would be quite problematic, so he asks them to keep things stable, not change their story, but comment on the strangeness of the bottles of alcohol and cloth in their packs. Then Lord V goes to prep, and looks up all the other stores that were burned down, the owners are slightly afraid, so Lord V shows the list and then they all might be able to strike them down.
• Baerin continues looking things up, and suspects the objects are from a different lost era that wouldn’t be human most likely.
• L wanders the grounds, pets the dogs, helps make dinner spending time with the sadder servants.
• E goes over to tell the Marquis, informing him of the events, and asks what kind of reimbursement she could expect. The Marquis offers to cover the cost of Lord V, but the Marquis also comments then that there might be more that could be charged after. Then E goes over to Duke Underkeeper’s. He asks where she has been, says he heard she had been arrested, and then she tells him it was Veis. He is quite angered by hearing this. Then E tells him that tomorrow is her birthday, so he offers to cancel his other plans (the strange armor and gear) to stay with her. He goes out in order to find her gifts. E stays for the night.
• Friday, December 16, 989
• Eve’s birthday.
• Lord V writes up an immense pile of letters forcing the previously burnt down shop owners to come to court, delivers them, goes to the courthouse in order to try and get the court as soon as possible, and there turns out to be a judge available tomorrow, gets it set, and finds that Abercrombie is actually in the courthouse, enjoying a cup of fine coffee. Abercrombie greets them, Lord V asks when they would be ready, Abercrombie says whenever they would be able to start the next day. Abercrombie accepts it, and looks forward to their meeting. Lord V then informs the shopkeeps that they would need to appear the next morning. Then Lord V goes to the shops, finds four new guards with Fernand and all the bimbos still following him. Lord V asks what they are doing there, they say Duke Underkeeper hired them. Lord V goes then goes to the Underkeeper estate, but is told they are busy, and so leaves a message for E to go to court in the morning after.
• Eve goes to the Duke’s, where she is told she doesn’t need to get to work, so they enjoy a 30 course meal with dancers, entertainment, and other things. For the final meal there is a massive pie with doves that fly out, and Duke Underkeeper proposes with massive jewels, silver, and an enormous ring, with a silver and sapphire chainmail bikini thong. She immediately accepts, and they go to try out the bikini.
• B enjoys another day of teaching with Hyacinth and looking things over.
• L continues to go around the compound, talk to guards, deal with the dogs, and helping cook supper with the more depressed people.
• Z maintains his usual guard type duties.
• Saturday, December 17, 989
• Z does his normal guard routines. Goes to talk to the barber after trying to listen in on anything regarding unique weapon trainers, and only really hearing about the Order of Justine. At the Barber’s he asks the question in just the wrong way about The Knight of the Rose, trying to learn where he is, and gets lightly cut by the barber’s razor. The Barber apologizes, and says that he may be able to provide assistance. Z gives him 5 GC and leaves. Once outside, he realizes that the Barber cut him through his damage barrier.
• L does her lap around the compound, talking to guards about the courtcase, ensuring them that Lord V is usually quite good at these things and should succeed.
• In the morning a knock on the door awakens Duke Underkeeper and E that there will be a court date that they must attend right from the beginning. They rapidly dress and make their way there.
• Lord V arrives early, sees that all his witnesses but one (that he intends to take to the cleaners thanks to the contract afterwards), and sees that Abercrombie Zerro has no other witnesses besides his client. Lord V notes E coming in with Duke Underkeeper, and the massive ring on her finger. Going into the court the judge enters, comments on the strangeness of both individuals being defendant and plaintiff, and the judge lets Abercrombie begin. Abercrombie admits that there would be a simple case, where his client admits to being drunken and disorderly, that damage could have been caused accidently, he would be willing to pay for the damages, but they would naturally not be able to cover the other cost, and the murder of one of his companions in cold blood cannot be forgiven. Lord V stands up, opens his mouth, and finds that he cannot speak the truth. He says “This case is not simple,” is surprised, takes a drink of water, and sits down. They look on with surprise. The judge then allows Abercrombie Zerro calls forth Benjamin Rell. They give the traditional story that they agreed upon before, discussing how it occurred. Lord V “So you were out drinking with friends?” Benjamin “Yes, we were enjoying the night.” Lord V “And you were just enjoying yourselves, not intending to do any harm?” Benjamin, “No, we only wanted a good time.” V “Why did you have so many bottles of alcohol with you, with napkins and cloths.” B “In case we spilt on ourselves and such. Clean up any mess.” Lord V sits down. They call E to the stand. Lord V gets her to give her story honestly. In cross examination, Abercrombie inquires about certain things, such as what kind of shop it was, if she cried out any announcement (argues need to make snap decisions as a soldier, sometimes they cost lives), whether or not the value of a human life would be there, how many things were occurring there, and how long she had to decide upon things, the value of a human life, how hot it would require a fire to be in order to melt steel like she claimed around them and the harm that could be done from it, as well as whether things were to do. Going on to the store keepers, V moves forwards in order to show what happened, Abercrombie moved forwards in order to point out that none of the men in charge wore any badges for Veis, and that others could have been behind it since it is quite important. Then the guards come in, and the first argument was whether or not the man was actually drunk, what the items on him were and their intent, and what quality of alcohol you would drink if able, and that nicer is better. Then they go to the final statements. No longer believing it to be true, Lord V simply states “The matter of this case is a simple one. I trust you to make the correct decision.” Abercrombie simply reminds them that his client has already said what he would be willing to do to cover the cost, and that Eve is clearly a cold-blooded killer that simply enjoys the act of slaughtering people. The judge then thought for several moments, and then gives his verdict. Eve is acquitted, while Benjamin Rell is found as guilty of arson in the most extreme way, and so must pay for all the damages as well as for all of the legal bills. Abercrombie compliments V on his well performed his case, drops the maintained spell, and congratulates him on everything that he did. Then he informs the very angry 5 Veis members that they should send the rest of his money to him after, before leaving with his walking stick. V congratulates E being free on her charge, E thanks him very well, while Duke Underkeeper claps V in a massive crushing hug reeking of smoke, thanks him for all his hard work, and says that rewards and future work and cases should be coming his way in the future. V thanks him for it. V then moves for a class action lawsuit against Veis Industries in order to determine if they are indeed behind these rash of hostile takeovers. The judge agrees, and sets the court date for May 23, 990. Lord V persuaded him to move it up, so that information wouldn’t stagnate quite as much, and so he is able to get it moved to March 23, 990. Lord V goes to the Marquis’ in order to stay there for the night, due to the risk against his own life now after that case.
• Eve returns home with Duke Underkeeper, where they celebrate the victory.
• Z while on his rounds, is approached by Frans, who gives him a letter from Viscount Shen Kaminari. Z opens it, and finds a map pointing him to a home in the midlist districts, and its cellar. The message says to be there for midnight tonight. Z does his rounds during this time.
• Frans finds B, asks her if she has discussed “You know what” with Z. B says that she hasn’t, and so Frans mentions the letter for Viscount Kaminari, that people normally aren’t invited in that way, and so asks B to keep an eye on Z. B accepts.
• Watching Z’s behavior, L takes the time to change into her hunting clothes. She expects that tonight will be the night.
• As night falls Lord V sees Z leaving, with B following shortly after to catch up. V “What, is there some party that no one informed me of?” With a shrug he found Asha, and requested one of her guards to protect him while he slept over for the night, standing in front of the window of his guest room.
• Z notices B, and asks why she is following him. B says that she wanted to know where he was going. Z asks if he can’t have a life outside of work. B doesn’t believe that that is really what Z is doing, and so says “Lie to me if you must, but know that I care about what happens to you.” Brushing the comment off, Z mounts his horse and leaves. After a few moments B mounts up and follows, slightly behind L that she noticed skulking in the shadows of the street. So focused on Z’s white cloak, L didn’t notice B following slightly behind her.
• Through the streets they go, until they reach the house in question. Z dismounts, and knocks on the cellar door. When no one answers after a time he opens it and descends the lit stairwell beneath.
• Behind him L stares down the stairs, and finally notices B when she dismounts. B “What are you doing here?” L “Following Z. Why are you here?” B “He was acting strangely, I wished to see why.” L “Then after,” she stands aside and gestures down. B “This is no place for him or for you. You should lead.” L doesn’t reply, and B descends. L sneakily follows.
• Down below they pass through the well maintained lower study, the open bookshelf passage, and find the Bloodied Rose Arena, food and drink prepared but no one present. Drawn to a gleam down in the sand pit below, Z approaches in full defense and finds a black wooden staff topped with a crystal thundercloud. Viscount Shen Kaminari then makes his presence known, apologizing for what must be done, but that Z pulled back a veil that he should have left alone. When B enters Viscount Kaminari welcomes her, and asks that she need not participate, but that she should hold the hall to ensure that Z does not flee. B argues that Z is a good man, and wishes to know what is going on, if Z really must die. Viscount Kaminari states that in order for the way that they do business here in Chaville to survive, Z must die. He has been approaching questions that he should not have, and the risk of discovery was too great. Hiding in the tunnel, L realizes that this appears to be more of an assassination then a duel, albeit an incredibly polite and courteous assassination since food and drink is available, and she has no idea what the legal effect of such actions could be. She stays to watch. Viscount Kaminari offers to allow Z to draw his blade, but Z says that he is happy to keep his weapon sheathed for the time being. Viscount Kaminari then says that he will draw his own blade then, and leaving the swords at his waist alone holds his hands out in front of him to clutch a bolt of lighting that forms a long blade with a resounding clap of thunder. The thunder drowns out L surprised gasp. Viscount Kaminari “Now you shall face the true me, a god of war within a man; Take-Mikazuchi!”



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