The Golden Web of Intrigue

One Final Dance

Shadows of the Past Laid to Rest

• Early morning Friday, December 2, 989
• Zac places the feather from the pool of blood into a small sack, inside out then back in. The city guard notes appearance and location.
• Zac goes to discuss with Baerin and Lord Verboden about the feather, and where it was found. V still doesn’t quite believe Eve’s original story but she may not be entirely crazy. V “I may have to do more research on this.” V has Z and the city guard take the feather to be marked and labeled as evidence, and writes a note stating that if anything happens to the feather, or the bag is open without him, there will be hell to pay. Zac takes the feather and note to the watch.
• V has Baerin do some research on words of feather being used to throw things to hurt people. With science she gives the basis of mass and velocity, and that the feather shouldn’t be able to at all do that damage. V says that he knew that already. Based on Occult, there are old tales and rumors of heroes using strange items to kill fell beasts, but no confirmed accounts. V kicks Baerin out and goes to bed.
• Zac takes the feather to the guards, and the one that received it knew Lord V, so takes careful care of it. Z then goes to bed.
• In the morning Lord V breaks his fast, listens to the morning news and hears that someone tried to kill Katarina the Black Swan in broad daylight. They don’t say where, or who did it. He goes to the University in order to find a professor of mythology in order to learn any information he can regarding heroes of old throwing things to kill them, and that he needs the information for that night. He gives the professor his full payment (20 GC) in advance. Then he goes to the jailhouse to discuss with Eve. They comment on the comfort of the cells, and asks if Eve wishes to actually leave. She says that it is very hard to do her job in side. Lord V goes to talk to Judge Derenzio about getting Eve released. Having worked with the Judge before, he asks to have his client removed from jail, says his word should be good enough, and then he gets the release forms. He gives them to Eve, who asks if she should mend the small hole in her leather armor. Lord V says to keep it for the trial. Then they go, Lord V to have a word with the Veis prisoner, and Eve to find Fernand.
• Eve goes to the various shops, and finds Fernand at the spice shop supervising. Fernand comments that she isn’t in jail anymore, and so he tells her to ‘help’ him carry some of the spice crates. She plainly refuses. Business as usual.
• Lord V gets Zac to let him in to the guest house to discuss with the Veis kidnapped man about what is going on. Still tied to the bed, Lord V takes the gag off of him. Then the Veis asks for some food and water. Lord V and Z tell him he can if they give him the answers they want. He says that he will help. They suggest that he continues to not be able to contact them, they ask if he is being watched by his employer, he hopes they trust him, so both Lord V and Z suggest he is probably being watched. They decide that they should release him, but have Lillith watch over him, make sure that he doesn’t do anything wrong, and allow him to pretend to continue to work for them, Lord V even suggests that he could burn some other people’s shops. Z suggests that they put him back in the crate in order to not let him know where he was. Z offers to give him some food, cheese, bread, water, broth, and then packs him up. They figure to wait until nightfall for that, so Lord V goes to Lillith’s in order to ask her to follow the Veis guy.
• Lord V gets into Lillith’s home, and gets a stilleto thrown at him as he walks in the door. It slightly injures him. Lillith “Oh, sorry. What brings you to my home with that lovely stilleto.” Lord V “I have you to thank for that stilleto.” L “Sorry.” V says why he came, to discuss the whole Katarina situation that they know, the whole problems that happened, Lord V wants to know why no one locked the door behind her. The Lord V informs of the entire offer about having Lillith follow the Veis man that they are releasing. Then Lillith turns the conversation over to the Katarina situation. L is uncomfortable that she is alive, and wants to know what the situation is. Lord V tells her of the mending of Katarina, the four guards that won’t be leaving, and that while L is good, she isn’t that good. Lord V is hoping to oust Katarina as a witch during the trial. L wants to know how. Lord V mentions the feather, that doing that should get her made a witch, and can then have her dealt with and killed by the Inquisition. L likes that kind of ousting. Lord V asks if L can throw insignificant objects through people, but L says she couldn’t even do it. Lord V then says that he will be blaming Lillith as a mystery assailant behind it, Katarina attacked Eve, then they left and defended herself. L says that as long as she is killed she will be happy, and then perhaps let Lillith look in on different homes, and to lay low for a while. Lillith does say that she would attend any public burning.
• That night Zac takes the Veis industries man to the brothel outside from Baron Falon’s home. Then he returns home and lets Lillith follow the Veis guy.
• Lord V then goes to the University to talk with the guy. He has found several cases with more traditional weapons, a few with rocks and other things, and then, the one that he is interested in, a tale from Baho of a hero killing a chimera by throwing a baby spined armadillo down its throat. Lord V asks him to try and find any other information that he can regarding that myth, even if he has to talk to ‘mythic crackpots’ for it. Then he would also be willing to pay him whatever he needed for the time and the work. Then he goes home to bed.
• Lillith follows the Veis guy to a mid-list hotel, where he gets a room and stays the night, she gets the room beside him.
• Saturday, December 3, 989.
• That morning Lord Verboden goes to discuss with the different witnesses in the case, the four guards and nine nobles that saw the exchange between Katarina and Eve and Lillith. Of the nobles, seven of them heard Eve shout “Stop Katarina”, and three of them remember seeing Lillith, although they can’t identify her. He enjoys this information, and then goes on to return home.
• Zac goes to the barber, and asks for word around town. He hears more of the details about the Katarina case and those involved, also identifies Abercrombie Zerro as the lawyer being flown in from Phaion. He also starts to mention The Knight of the Rose putting on a good show, but stops and cuts himself off. Then there is also mention of death threats for Eve. He tips the barber, then sends two letters to, one to Lord V and Eve. The letter to Lord V mentions the lawyer, and the Knight of the Roses. His letter to Eve mentions the threats, and also asks if she would ever like to spar with her to come, and she also sends the bird to Fernand’s not Eve’s.
• In the morning Lillith finds a letter outside with a strange seal. As she follows from 50 feet behind the Veis staff, then reads the letter from Katarina suggesting a meeting so that they may cancel their duet and go about their own individual performances. She follows Veis around, sees him meet some people in the slums and discuss a few things, search a few piles of refuse without finding anything. Then he goes back and turns in for the night. L then goes to meet with Katarina, where they discuss and agree to terminate the duet, go on to discuss the other things, and Katarina complements L on her dancing. L leaves and then goes to discuss with Lord V.
• After a day at the store, Eve goes to Fernand’s, and Helga gives her the letter from Zac. She grumbles, and then stays in order to watch over Fernand.
• That night Lord V returns home, to receive the letter from Zac. Then, in order to learn the information about the letter. He goes to talk with Black Tom Fer, where he is taken into his office, and they discuss what he knows about Abercrombie Zerro, a fair bit, and the Knight of the Roses doing his show. Black Tom is impressed that he knows this, and dances around about fight clubs for a bit, including a more expensive one that has shown up to be quite possible. Lord V then agrees that if he needs more information he might be willing to come back for a little bit more information on it. They leave with compliments, and good graces, leaving 100 GC in payment.
• Returning home, he finds Lillith waiting for him, and they discuss the termination of the duet, so that they can go their own ways and Katarina can leave the cities early. Lord V says that this sounds pretty good, but that they should make sure there aren’t any other ‘dancers’ coming over to try and finish the job. Lillith admits to not even thinking about it, so she agrees to send a letter over to Katarina to see what about that. Katarina sends a pigeon letter over to her. Katarina then goes to bed back at the hotel. Lord V writes up a subpoena so that he can try to force Katarina to appear in court, so that when she doesn’t he can use that too his advantage.
• Sunday, December 4, 989
• Zac, the Marquis and his Family, Eve, and Lord V go to Church.
• Lillith follows Veis industries around, after getting a letter saying there are no replacement dancers coming. Then they go to talk to some people, pay information regarding burning some other places that don’t belong to the Marquis, and then they go look around in order to try and find some things, finds a letter in a refuse pile, reads it and tucks it away. Lillith commits to memory the different locations, and then they go to the hotel. After an hour L goes to visit him, picking the lock and asks if he received any correspondance. He hands over the letter, L reads the letter and sees that if he continues to fail then he will be summarily liquidated. L “Liquidation, that doesn’t sound good.” The Veis man realizes that he is quite screwed, so L says that she might be able to assist him eventually. Then she leaves to Lord V.
• Eve goes home after church, finding it had been scorched and damaged, with a family of pigeons living in her bedroom. She gathers her arms and armor, and then sends a letter over to Lord V in order to ask if he could assist with the removal and charging of the city to cover the damages.
• Returning home, Lord V finds the letter from eve, and goes to talk to Zac’s Barber regarding some names. He gets there, asks for a shave and a haircut, and then begins asking about names regarding the whole situation regarding assailants of Katarina and burning of such homes. The Barber comments on the sadness and regretability of it all. Lord V asks for names, and with an exception persuade gets the names of the four city guards that were to testify against Eve, as well as three Marquis house guards. Lord V thanks the man, gives him 2 GC, and says that he has a new barber now.
• Lord V goes over to the Marquis’, talks to him and asks to see three of his guards due to their burning of Eve’s home. The Marquis shouts up Zac, tells him to escort Lord V in order to get the guards, Zac asks why, Lord V explains, they go in pursuit. 1 is off duty, 1 with the dogs, 1 on gate duty. They gather them up, replace those that were working, and then leads them to Z’s office. With a quick intimidation, Lord V is able to get all of them to break down in order to blubber out that they did it for love they say, Z says he never did anything that stupid for love. They get threatened, they plead, they hope, and they whimper, admitting and identifying which guards were there with them, and where they should be now. Lord V takes Z with him to talk to the guards, telling them not to leave the grounds. Lord V gets them to sign a letter saying that they are indeed behind it and performed it. They do so, then grumble and bicker about it all. Lord V and Z go to the four guards. They asks Lord V why he needs to be there, and he informs them of the entire locating of all the causes of the damages to the home, so they have to side with him, regarding everything about Eve calling for help, and that the other assailant was the one that took Katarina down, and then they would need to side with her when called up. If so, he says he will tear up the paper incriminating them. He then goes to talk to Sapphire about what she has learned, they inquire about what she has learned about Veis industries. L tells him about all of the letter, and the fact that he may very well die no matter what else could have happened. Lord V suggests, that in order to save him, and turn the Veis man over to them that they may have to let him burn the shop. Of course, if they know the day and time, then they could move all of the merchandise out so that they only need to look into the loss of the building, which they could then rebuild since they own the lot. Lord V knows we will have to run it by the Marquis first, and they wish to learn what they can about upon completion of the deal where the money would be delivered, and how they would be able to acquire it. They part themselves.
• In the middle of the night L breaks into Veis man’s room, then crawls over him on the bed, when he wakes up with a knife in front of his face. She asks about payment, which would be in a drop place with a sack of coin and instructions for further operations to run. With a smile L leaves.
• Zac tells the guards that their punishment will be to pay the damages of Eve’s home, and then they will have to serve as his new training partners for the next month. The guards simper and cry, and then go to pray (interesting prayer).
• Monday, December 5, 989
• Lillith follows the Veis man, but today he remains in the room, so she merely stays with him and watches.
• Lord Verboden decides to head over to the Church in hopes of asking a member of the Inquisition. He goes to the Platinum Cathedral, goes towards the Inquisitorial Court. He is stopped by a pair of guards that ask for his business. He says that he needs to speak with an inquisitor regarding all of the different things that it would take to declare someone a witch. The guards ask why they should just have an inquisitor, if they couldn’t check on the details in the library or university. Lord V says that he had tried that already, and none could help him. Then he insists that they should let him speak with them. Then one of the guards go to fetch one of them, and it turns out to be High Inquisitor Norinus and the guard that returns. Norinus asks why he was disturbed for everything, and Lord V says that he wishes to know what it would take to require to consider someone a witch. Norinus invites Lord V into his office to speak. N asks what this is about, if he has found a witch. V attempts to deflect it with mentioning that it is for a case that he is working on, N persists, V then says that it is the plaintiff, N asks which case, V says Katarina. N asks what would make him think this. V speaks of the throwing of the feather and the tearing through armor, leather, flesh, bone, and the out the other side. N glares, grabs his helmet, asks where she is. V tells N, and the inquisitor sets off, with Lord V following to see what happens.
• Lord V and Norinus go to the hospital, where they go to K room and find the door closed. It is unlocked, so N opens the door and sees that the bed is empty and only three guards are there. N asks where K is, the three guards say that she went to the privy, the other guard went to protect her. N goes to the privy, tells the guard to open the door, he almost talks back until he sees who was behind the voice, and then tries to open the door. It is stuck, so he begins to pound on it, but makes the mistake of saying “God damn it.” N calls him on it, but lets the guard kick the door open. Then they see K, on the chamber pot. K asks who they are and what they need. N tells her that she needs to come with her and has been accused of being a witch. K stands up, moves to leave, then grabs the guard and puts him between her and N. K says that she can’t really go quietly based on those charges. Both N and K begin charging Ki, and both ask the other if they are really sure they want to do that. V gets behind N and fingers the hammer on his pistol.
• Katarina bites the neck of the guard, Norinus punches it and hurts him, K then runs away. With the second fist N demolishes the guard, then continues after, V gets the other three guards to join him and draws his pistol, and K grabs her dress and fans on the way out. Katarina dresses, and runs out into the street, Nornus fires his Blurring Streak, Gleaming Bolt, which hits her solidly from behind, so Lord V fires his pistol in order to try and bring her down. He fires the round, strikes her solidly through the left calf and drops her. Norinus walks over, sees that she is still alive, asks if Lord V would like to finish it off, he says that N should do it. He lifts her up for all to see, announces her witch status, snaps her head around and pops it off, then warns those that idolized her that they should go to the church to be cleansed before he has to go to their home in the darkest of the night. Then Lord V asks about her effects, and N offers to let her keep them. He takes them, then goes back to talk to the judge. The judge asks why Lord V is going back there again. He explains that he wants his case thrown out the judge asks how the attempted murder of the incredibly famous, Lord V “Witch”, the judge asks how he knows that, and then he tells them the thing with N, and all the witnesses that he could bring forth. The judge signs the papers, gives them to V, who gives it to Eve, who is so happy to be free that she kisses him fully and deeply. Lord V allows it to happen.
• Lord V goes over to the Marquis in order to wait for Lillith to arrive, so that they can discuss the events that occurred and figure out what to do with the spice shop. As the evening goes on, Zac begins sparring with the first of the three guards that were behind the burning of Eve’s. He doesn’t ever counter, he merely blocks until the man collapses.
• Lillith goes over to Lord V in order to meet up with him, Riccard tells her that his master is at the Marquis’. Slightly annoyed, L strolls up, and begins watching as Zac was about halfway through the training with the first guard. L watches for a bit with Lord V, who then turns to face her and says that he has had a wonderful day. Then Lord V offers S a fan, which she contemplates for a moment and then realizes who it belonged to and happily accepts it. She asks if this means that K has been fully dealt with this time. V says that she was taken down where he could see. L asks just how final it was this time, since she took her down herself once. V says that she is now headless, so quite definitive. L feels that a weight has been lifted from her shoulders. The two of them go to talk with the Marquis while Zac moves on to the second guard.
• Discussing with the Marquis, V informs him of K death, all are relieved, and then they discuss the manner of dealing with Veis industries. They inform the Marquis of their plan to allow Veis to burn one of the spice shops that Fernand is in charge of, while taking out much of the merchandise in order to minimize losses. L suggests they leave some of the cheaper ones inside since they need the shop to smell properly as it burns, and Lord V suggests taking in empty boxes and taking out laden boxes in order to make it look like things were both being added and taken away. V also suggests that guard presence be increased prior to the actual event so that they don’t appear all at once. The Marquis is reluctant, but after a few more persuasive words regarding getting the Veis man to testify for them, shut Veis industries down, and then being able to snap up some of their stores in recompense, he accepts, being sure that Fernand would understand that it is for the best. It will happen on the Thursday to give them the time they need. They plan to take the Veis man alive, bring him back to the guest house, and keep him there until an expediently held trial can take place. The Marquis accepts these, to keep the man far from his family however.
• L goes back to the hotel to turn in for the night.
• V goes to talk to Zac, who has just finished defeating the last of the three guards. They step into his office, where they discuss what must be done. Zac suggests he will take himself and five extra guards for the burning on Thursday, with blunted weapons for the apprehension. He will also add four guards to the guest house (2 of Asha’s) to watch over him, and add an extra dog patrol. With the details sorted out, there is a knock on the door, and one of the guards enters to say that a man has arrived saying that he heard that a talented warrior was looking for a sparring partner on occasion. Zac asks for more details, but the guard says that the man never gave his name. Z and V go outside, and find The Knight of the Rose standing outside with all his weapons. TKotR states that he heard from three men wheeping in a church that there was a talented warrior in need of sparring partners here. He hoped to test him at least once, now if Z had the time. Zac suggested they use training swords, and go to the first hit. TKotR accepted those terms, and graciously accepted a blade. V stayed to watch.
• The Knight of the Rose and Zac spar. Z is faster, and takes a defensive position with his cloak and waits. The Knight of the Rose sends in an attack that is batted away and countered, swings in with his blade which is batted away by the Knight’s sword, and his following counter strikes Z lightly on his armor. Z “Well fought.” TKotR “Indeed. You have skills. Perhaps we shall meet again.” With another shake of the hands and putting the practice blade away he nodded and then left. Lord V “You blocked that with your cape.” Z “Yes.” Lord V shook his head while Z put away the weapons away. Lord V fetches his horse, and rides off, catching up Lord V “What was the deal with him stopping that with his cape?” TKotR “Indeed. It was not a skill that I had seen before.” Lord V “Any idea how he did it.” TKotR “I would need to get a better look at the cape to see, what it was made of, the weight, the feel. To know if it was a block, a deflection, or a snap.” Lord V then comments on how nice it was to see him in person, and offers his services should they ever be required. TKotR thanks him, and the two go their separate ways.
• Following her day of work with Fernand, Eve returns home to find a letter left by her family. They say that they have found a patron willing to pay for the repairs to her home, and that after telling him of her beauty and strength Duke Hugor Underkeeper would love to meet her at her earliest convenience. Knowing the power and wealth possessed by a Duke, and remembering him from his stop in at the tailor’s shop, Eve changed into her good clothes and made her way to the wealthiest districts, where a group of nobles pointed her in the right direction when she asked. Arriving at the gate she introduced herself, and the guards summoned a valet to take E to the estate. It was a 15 minute carriage ride. They arrived before a marbel and ivory fountain to enter the massive estate. Through the wealthy and massive building they went, so that Eve could meet the master. They eventually reached the largest double doors E had ever seen, and with a knock they entered. Duke Underkeeper was watching a group of nude dancers while sprawled out in a massive chair, but invited Eve to join him. They watched the rest of the erotic performance, and then Duke Underkeeper moved on to the pleasantries of business, saying that he could send builders over to her home first thing in the morning so long as she was willing to spend some time with him. E agreed, and so the Duke escorted her through his home, showing his art and gem collections, crystal chandeliers and fine food and drink, and the closets holding the clothes and jewelry of his previous four wives, now all deceased. Eve noted that all the jewelry, gems, and clothes seemed to compliment each other perfectly. After that Duke Underkeeper confessed that he must need turn in for the night, offered to allow her to stay or return home, and Eve returned home via one of his carriages.
• Lord V returns home to a letter from Gaston Beauregard, inquiring to the state of the transactions he was attempting with those impersonating his parents. V responds politely saying that they are of course cancelled, and that he is sorry for his parents untimely passing, and that if anything should need to be sold he should contact him first. He sent Riccard over to deliver it.
• Tuesday, December 6, 989
• Lord V went out to speak with the guards that he still had the written announcement of guilt for. He informed them that the trial was cancelled, but that since they hadn’t helped him yet he would keep the paper until a moment when they fulfilled a small, single favor for him. The guards weren’t happy but they accepted.
• Lord V made his way over to Eve’s home, where the builders were fast at work already. He caught her as she was leaving the home. With a cheery smile he offered E a fan, which she accepted. He then provided her with a bill for his services, 400 GC since they never actually made it to court. E ran back inside and paid the bill immediately. V commented on how quickly E had found builders, and E admitted that she had some help from a generous donor. V then returned home and E went off to work.
• After work E went to the market to find herself a nice necklace. She picked up an excellent silver necklace containing a lapis lazuli, one that would hang down to just the right height. Then she went home to change, and in a low cut dress, her new fan, and her new necklace she made her way over to Duke Underkeeper’s.
• L, being incredibly bored after her charge spent his entire day sitting in his hotel room waiting for orders, waited until nightfall, snuck into his room, and informed him that he and his companions would strike the spice shop on the Thursday of the week. He replied by saying he would gather the men at 7, and then they would hit it when they were all together. L continued by saying that he should try to escape, but allow himself to be captured afterwards if he was smart. Then she went back to her room.
• Reaching Duke Underkeeper’s, Eve was ushered up to his chamber again. He invited her to join him in watching a very rare show that he had paid for, since they had been traveling through the area. She accepted, and they enjoyed fruit and wine as they listened to individuals on instruments, watched people dance to the music, and watched the explosions caused by a small man with a large cart filled with bottles and concoctions, who seemed to be muttering to something in the cart. Afterwards Duke Underkeeper invited E to stay the night if she should so wish, which she accepted. The Duke suggested she get out of those restricting clothes, they made their way to his bed, and E managed to not be crushed beneath the mass that is Underkeeper.
• Late into the night, V was just finishing up some readings when he heard the flutter of fabric and felt the breeze from an open window. A voice told him “You have cost us much you know.” V rose and took a step towards the door, and saw too cloaked figures standing before him, one at the window the other at the door. They mentioned that he had cost them a great deal of money, but V responded by saying that if they had done a better job impersonating their targets it would have worked for everyone. The comment amused the two, so they contemplated what they should do with him. They decided that it would be best if V made an appointment with Gaston Beauregard, had that appointment, and then on his way back home Gaston would have an accident, allowing the property to go up on the auction block, where they would be able to take the money. V said that that left no guarantee that he would be the one to acquire the land, so the pair suggested he find a way, since that was what he was good for. The two said that they would return, either with the money or without at a later time, letting slip their titles of Umbra and Penumbra as they did. V asked when they would return. The two merely laughed and slipped back out the window into the night. V closed and re-locked the window, then took a nice long drink before going to bed.



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