The Golden Web of Intrigue

Of Rats and Raids

Creeping into the dark places of Chaville

• Monday, November 28, 989, 9:30 am
• Sapphire buys some ten plants of Belladona, and plants them around her home.
• At Lord Verboden’s estate, he is contacted by Viscount and Viscountess Beuaregard, informing him that they wish to liquidate their estate, and all the shops regarding it as well. They say that they need to make these changes fairly quickly and are willing to give him a large cut. He says that it would be a business with them. Lord Verboden then goes to look around the street in order to see what could possibly be found out about them, learns about their immensely successful spice trade, and that they have one son set to inherit things. He then goes to begin looking for the mansion as well as the stores that they have in the market district.
• Baerin continues comparing runes and functions between the different things that the rod and bent piece of metal would do. Can’t find much overlap for all the runes, bits and pieces but doesn’t know if they are numbers or symbols or idea. He adds different materials to the rod and bent piece in order to see if there is any response, but she doesn’t get any. More research and then lessons with Hyacinth.
• Fernand and Eve go to try and talk with Lord Verboden, but Riccard informs them that his master is currently not within the residence, so he leaves a note with Riccard, then they go to a dark alley and he informs Eve about the Veis Industries situation, and asks about finding clothes that would find them discreetly. Based on the word on the street the docks would be the best place.
• Zac moves to meet with the Marquis, and informs him that Zac believes the security problem is that they currently have too many guards here, so they should fire all but Asha and her chosen soldiers, but wanted to run it by him first. The Marquis disagrees, and asks to have Asha sent in to discuss it afterwards, she says it is a bad idea.
• Going to the slums they go to the docks, and go down from the nice docks to reach the scumy docks, where they go into a clothing store run by someone that chews tobacco and spits it out. He goes looking around for some clothes, finds a metal plated motley first, then a moth eaten set with breezy pants, then finds some dyeless ones that would work. He strips down and puts them all on. He pays the owner for the clothes and cloaks, then gives them 5 extra SC for discretion, so he says it was two old women and a dog that ate the moth. Then he leaves, and has eight sailors walk in pushing past him. Then they walked into the slums, asked around and found Riskut by asking around some whores that offered Fernand a freebie. They find Riskut by a fountain filled with excrement and drowning pigeons. He asks them “what the fuck you are doing here.” They then begin the song and dance of discussing Veis industries and the things that they are associated with, what kinds of things they are willing to do, criminal acts and associates. Then, with enough gold Rikut tells Fernand and Eve that the next target is his spice shop that needs some seasoning, and that it is Fernand’s shop indeed. Then Riskut tells them that he has a meeting with one of the Veis messengers at a poor brothel nearby, in the evening. When asked what to do, he is politely told to smack him up the head to deal with him. They then find the brothel, signless but with naked women and the squeeling of pigs. They then go back to his home.
• Lord Verboden looks over the three spice shops (two for sale) and their awesome mansion. Looks over them, discusses with Viscount Beauregard about how open their leaving should be, and request that it is kept fairly quiet. Then Lord Verboden goes to speak with the Marquis, informs them that all the sales that are available, and the Marquis says he would be very happy to be able to acquire the spice shops, but not interested in the mansion based on everything else and the difficulty about everything else. Lord Verboden then sends Riccard to inform Fernand to meet with his master sometime the next day. Riccard meets with Fernand, who asks Lord Verboden to meet them to the Marquis’ in the morning to discuss the purchases.
• In the night Lillith has a knock on the door, and finds Katarina the Black Swan waiting outside, and she asks to be able to enter. Worried, Lillith allows her to be invited in. She takes a seat, and asks if she is remembered. They talk a little, Lillith asking why she is here. Katarina tells her that in addition to her dancing, she also solves problems for individuals. While spending some time there, Katarina has heard the Baroness Falon hiring a group to deal with an kill her husband’s murderer. Worried, Lillith asks what this has to do with her. Katarina pulls the silver and sapphire necklace out from beneath Lillith’s shirt and says she should probably have the makers marks removed from it. Lillith gets even more paranoid, then dances around the topics, compliments about the way Lillith does things and her skills. Katarina then informs her about that because of a false letter of acceptance for her employ, so either the actual target must die, or the person pretending to be them, or having someone hire her to kill Baroness Falon. Lillith continues to say that she isn’t sure how this concerns her, but then says that Katarina should probably leave because she couldn’t see any weapons. When Katarina leaves, Lillith goes to Lord Verboden’s informs him of the situation that is occurring there, informing the failed letter involvement, asks if Lord Verboden has any ideas about who pretended to be them, Lord Verboden admits that he might have done it. He continues to say that he would rather not die, and he imagines that Lillith would rather not die, and that they probably cannot afford to hire her themselves, so they would probably need a patsy, so Lord Verboden suggests Riskut, given that he is an unsavory and treacherous sort. Lillith turns in for the night.
• November, 29, 989
• Baerin, Fernand, Yvette, Zac, and Lord Verboden all meet with the Marquis in order to discuss the events that are occurring. Fernand tells the Marquis of the knowledge obtained form Riskut, the possible attacks from Veis, and the plan to take them and deal with the representative from Veis in order to eliminate him. What he wants to plan is how best to do so, and if they could get everything dealt with and blamed on Veis appropriately, but Lord Verboden says they would need an actual Veis member right there in order to be able to do so. Fernand thinks they could drag the man from the brothel, but it would be very hard to get him there discreetly. Fernand then suggests looking for mercs to pretend to be sailors to serve them and help, while also preventing harm and betrayal. The Marquis authorizes it, and also asks if there were any other businesses that might be involved in, since they are still looking for information about the missing tablet. There aren’t any. Baerin suggests they have some expert knowing things about more religious or different materials. Unfortunately, they do not know anyone yet, and so the Marquis considers having someone brought in, or else having to send Baerin or someone else to The Twin Islands in order to examine the ruins more specifically. Other then that they aren’t terribly certain. Lord Verboden then informs Fernand about the exceptional offers available, and Fernand is immensely surprised due to the immense success of Viscount Beauregard has been having of late, and says that it would be a wonderful option and that they could easily gain them for 10,000 GC each. He then goes to write up the offers and talk to Sapphire. With Lord Verboden gone, Fernand then begins discussing if some of the guards could be taken in with them from his estate, and the Marquis and Zac say that they could, so Fernand requests 4 extra guards. After mentioning the dead body Eve asks about what they know, and she suggests better lighting, dogs, and checking on all the servants in order to see if any of them have strange purchases or behaviors of late.
• Returning home, Lord Verboden finds Gaston Beauregard waiting outside for him. They go inside, and Gaston reports all of the strange differences in their behavior since the birthday party, and in hopes that they could avoid it all some. Lord Verboden then says that there is nothing that he can do if they wish to sell then he can only do so. He takes notes and remembers it for later. Then he writes up the ones that he needed to. Lord Verboden then meets up with Sapphire, and they plan to frame Riskut with the letter that he hawked from Baroness Falon. Then they go and discuss framing him, and that Sapphire should follow Zac, find Riskut, and plant the letter on him. Then he goes out and finds Doriana The Great, tells her a rumor that he heard about Riskut the Rat knowing who was behind the death of Baroness Falon’s husband. Doriana is repulsed and hated about Riskut, and says that she would happily hear such a rumor. Lord Verboden suggests it not spread until tomorrow. Then he goes back home.
• That knight Fernand, Eve, meet up with Zac outside his home, with Sapphire watching in her gear walking from the shadows. They go to the docks to buy more disguising clothes for Zac and the guards, then they go to the slums and move to the brothel, and find their target inside, with 16 whores, ten other men, and fifteen pigs. The Veis man recognizes Fernand, asks him what the fuck he is doing there, responding that he has things to take care of and deal with him. Then one of the whores storkes Fernand’s face and tries to reach into his pants so he shoves her off while shuddering. Then Fernand says ‘Grab him.’
• Combat in the brothel. The pigs squeel, and Riskut runs up the stairs with Lillith in pursuit, staying out of his view, sees Riskut push a whore out through the window. Fernand draws his classy, classy rapier, and moves to stab Veis in the knee and causes him to collapse and begins bleeding out on the floor. The pigs move in to the pigs. Zac and Eve ask who let the idiot go first since they wanted him alive. Zac places himself between the unconscious man and the pigs, tries to scare them off and succeeds in doing so. The 16 whores inside each draws a jagged knife, so Eve tries to scare them away, and Eve scares them up the stares, where Sapphire dodges their running bodies. The guards draw weapons and keep an eye out, so the ten thugs try to attack Fernand, but the guards attack them but don’t stop them and they fall upon Fernand with their clubs. Fernand responds by dropping his sword and covering his precious, precious face, and one of the thugs breaks a lantern to spread burning oil, and also Fernand. Zac then area attacks the mob in order to defeat them, killing two of them, while his guards continue to fight innefectively. Eve swings out to kill 3 more. Riskut jumps from the window, landing on the window, and crashes on the hooker breaking her and his leg. Sapphire runs down the wall and pursues him. The thugs bring their clubs down upon the burning Fernand, crashing down upon him harshly with their weapons, the five that are left. Zac burns fatigue and unleashes a surprising attack with his cloak, demolishing the remaining five. Fernand rolls on the ground and Zac beats him with his cloak to keep him extinguished and just alive. Eve grabs the unconscious Veis minion, the house guards carry the body while Eve ties off the leg injury to stop the bleeding. Zac tells the whores to jump out the window, and all of them live landing upon the mashed whore below. They carry him away, with the smell of burning bacon filling the air. Zac “So Eve, should we give him real training after this.” Fernand “There were ten of them, ten of them.” Eve lights up cigarette and Zac his pipe. Fernand realizes that his sword was left behind.
• Following Riskut, Sapphire sees him leaning against a wall trying to reset his knee and causing himself more pain, so he soon passes out. Looking around and seeing no obvious around she places the incriminating letter into one of his unused pockets.
• Carrying the body and Fernand, they then begin arguing about where they should take him. Most suggest Fernand’s house in order to go there, but he starkly refuses, saying that he entertains guests and business partners there, so they should take him somewhere where there is a doctor, such as Baerin, but Zac turns down taking him to the Marquis’ immediately. They begin to argue about where to take him, and aren’t able to get anywhere. They suggest leaving them both in an abandoned building within the slums, while Zac also points out that they could take them to Black Thomas Fer’s brothel, but it would be immensely expensive for them. Overhearing this from the far reaches, Sapphire can’t take the arguing anymore, so sneaks over, grabs the Veis man from the guards, so they recognize her long enough for her to vanish back into the dark. The guards stammer it out to Zac, and then they accept the fact and not go after them, so they split up and go back to their own homes.
• Eve tells Fernand that she will get him a doctor tomorrow, and Fernand breaks a bedside lamp to explain where all his burns came from.
• Lillith takes the Veis man, ties him up, and then ties him up under her bed.
• Zac goes back to the Marquis’.



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