The Golden Web of Intrigue

Gotrelas Will

Darkness in Light, and Truth in Lies

• Friday, December 23, 989
• In the middle of the knight, L goes to Z’s house, tries the door, finds it locked, unlocks it, and then begins searching for a study. Finds the study and begins searching it, but does not find the letter from Shen she was looking for. She then goes to the bedroom, examines the chest and determines that it is untrapped but locked. She attempts to pick it for a while, then a while longer, successfully opens it, finds the wrapped package containing Viscount Kaminari’s family katana, kimono, pendant, rapier, and foil. She rewraps the package, places it back, closes the chest but can’t relock it, and then makes her way out, closing the doors and relocking the front door. She then goes home and goes to bed.
• Z cleaned everything to the best of his ability, and does a very good job of it with a great deal of work. Z then tends to Nathaniel’s needs, bringing him water as he tends to the needs of him, including food and water, and then opens the case, pulls the Bound Sphere of Thalmos out from it with a large pair of tongs, has Z bring the buffalo Z down, then has Lorenzo pull its tail to open its mouth and shoves the sphere inside. Z watches as the buffalo dies rapidly and is consumed by the darkness, killing and drying it. Nathaniel then begins cutting of strips of jerky from dead Z, and making Lorenzo and ‘Beau’ eat some of them. Lorenzo eats them with bitterness and silence, Z tries to only eat a sliver, and Nathaniel tells ‘Beau’ to eat more in honor of Lorenzo’s noble performance. Z demands some salt for it to taste better, and Nathaniel provides it. Z continues to eat, offers the salt to Lorenzo who denies it and gives it back to Nathaniel. Eventually they eat all of it. Nathaniel is disappointed that it didn’t kill them, but is glad to know he can handle anyone the sphere kills. He then continues to butcher Zac the Buffalo. Afterwards Z changes, and then goes to bed.
• Baron V takes Aggro with him to enjoy breakfast and then go out into the city. He listens for the news, and hears about the duel between Z and Dannils, the appearance of a strange old man entering the Marquis Halmeister estate and not leaving yet, Viscount Kaminari not being seen for several days, as well as that Veis is sending a major player to the city. Baron V asks more about him, and merely learns that it is someone quite important. Then he goes to the bank, cashes his bonds, and shows Aggro the sights. Then goes to the jail in order to meet with Benjamin Rell. Baron V tells the guard Captain that he will be taking the prisoner into his own custody at his home, fills out the necessary paperwork, and then goes to tell Benjamin Rell that he has found the protective state outside of the jail, and in his own home. Benjamin is unsure how to respond, eyes Aggro, asks that it is for his own protection, Baron V says of course, they take him out, Benjamin is given free range of the house, but not grounds, and that he will be guarded in his sleep. Then Baron V goes out shopping to buy a new bed for Benjamin, and gifts for the Marquis’ family.
• L looks through the Baroness’ jewelry collection that she had, and picked out some things for the females of the Halmeister women, a broach for the marquess, earings for Elise, and a ring for Hyacinth.
• Eve spends her day at work, goes to get her hairdressed at a fine salon, then goes back to the Duke’s manor, but he is going out for the night.
• Saturday, December 24, 990, (Weinacht Eve)
• Z attempts to go about his daily business, but Nathaniel wishes to go shopping. Z tells him that only one form of establishment would be open. Nathaniel insists Z take him there, and so he is taken to Black Tom’s. Nathaniel goes through the awkward introductions, gets things arranged, wishes to pay a visit to them, asks for three of their finest girls. Nathaniel then has Z choose from them the three best. After looking them over, gazing at their height and assets, he selects Cynthia, Jade Mei, and Haathor. Then Nathaniel has them taken into the back, asks Z if the others should be acceptable for the gifts, asks Lorenzo but he merely grimaces and reminds Nathaniel of certain other expenses that were made. Then Nathaniel smacks Z on the back, tells him to enjoy and walks out. Z is shocked, then since they are already paid for goes and enjoys the three to the fullest. Afterwards Z thanks each of them in their own accord and then goes home to relax.
• L goes to enjoy the day with the Halmeisters, and also gives her gifts under the tree, receives her own, and then is given her own and then spends time with them and the meal for the supper.
• Baron V gives Marquis a luxury cane, the Marquess a luxury rosary, Frans an imported bottle of import Estygian Date wine as well as an exceptional Gabrielense wine, Hyacinth with an exquisite notebook, Elise a jewelry box containing a metal mirror, and then goes to visit his family, but they do not get gifts.
• Eve wakes up, and finds herself horribly sick. She realizes that she should go and talk to a female member of the family. She goes to see her aunt Angeline Deville-Rousseau. She congratulates Eve on the whole thing of getting in the place with a Duke, and then Eve tells her of the symptoms and her aunt suggests she must be pregnant. Eve is shocked, and then asks if her aunt is sure. Her aunt says that she is, and that it is the best thing that could possibly ever happen to her. Her aunt suggests that she move forward and take advantage of all the money and situation that she can. Eve thanks her, talks to her uncle Leopold Rousseau, who tells her he is composing a song for her wedding, and hopes to be in charge of the music for the wedding. Eve says they haven’t discussed it yet, but is sure that she could manage it. Eve then goes back to the Duke, spends the time with him, and then at supper, before the ice wine and desert tells him. He is so happy he nearly begins to cry, and then says that he will give her the best gift that he could ever hope to provide. He sends his head butler to fetch ‘the admission cost’ and sends the man out. Then, at the night Duke underkeeper gives her a sleeve of iron-studded leather, a cloak, and takes her with him in his studded and masked glory into his carriage. They streak off through the night, going through the cobbles, almost running over a peasant, and then going to the finest districts to a seemingly abandoned estate. However, there are a dozen other carriages hidden beneath a hidden alcove. Then they enter the estate, followed by the six guards carrying a massive chest, which is dusty and abandoned. The Duke goes over to a massive mirror, knocks twice, and then pulls it open to descend into a lower level.
• Down Eve and Duke Underkeeper travel, further and further until they find a lower area, with a masked man sitting behind a counter, and two statue guards hovering to either side. He asks about why the unknown individual that is not on their registry is present. Duke Underkeeper then has the guards bring the chest forward. It is opened, and countless gold coins are locked within. The man behind the counter begins counting them rapidly, then eventually nods and places them back in the chest. Your 100,000 GC charge of admission was allowed. Then the masked man asked for the hall she would need, and what gives her pleasure. After a very long time of thinking, she responds that the Duke gives her pleasure. The man behind the counter nods, brings out a stuffed cushion covered in bug shaped masks. From them Eve selects a Preying Mantis and puts it on. With a clap of his hands the man behind the desk has a pair of grand stone doors open. Then they walk down the hall, until it branches down the four different paths. The Duke and Eve part ways, she goes down the insect hall, passes many smoked glass doors with shifting shadows behind, and then picks one she thinks is empty. It wasn’t. There were three dominators, and nine tied down submissives. One of the dominators sees Eve, points at a table and says “Down,” and Eve listens. The proceding events were exceptionally painful for her. Afterwards she leaves with a limp, goes looking down the rest of the halls, and then eventually it goes in a circle to find the entrance and the Duke. The Duke tells her that there is a special event going on for Weinacht, and says they might make it still. They go back to the entrance, ask the masked man, and then he claps to open a new passage, that takes them to a new passageway to a large room with about 100 other masked people on the ground floor (5 wearing human conditions masks), and the Master of Ceremonies and Pleasures hovering on a higher area. They are all greeted by the Master of Ceremonies, commenting on another successful year and all the other events and talking about a hint of working for the Hall of Human Condition. The demo is three bound people being brought in to the top, naked and heads covered, and then three of the Human Condition members go through the paces of slowly taking fine knives to them and then kill them for enjoyment. People watch, others interested, some bored. Then the Duke and Eve go back for the night in order to sleep and relax. Eve mentions that she may wish to try another hall, which the Duke says they are indeed allowed to try different things, but aren’t allowed to discuss them.
• Sunday, December 25, 989 (Weinacht Day)
• Baron V, Eve and the Duke, the Halmeisters, and Z all go to church. V, L, and Z open their gifts from the Halmeisters, Eve opens her gift from Fernand and the Duke.
• While the others are at church, L goes to see Nathaniel. Nathaniel asks why she is here, commenting on the redundancy of the religious beliefs, and L says that the Halmeisters are really her only family so they are who she would be spending time with. Then Nathaniel asks what she would like to do, asks about how the different items down below mean to her. She says what each do, and the name of the sphere. Nathaniel wants to know what they mean to her, not what they are. L comments on the sphere helping her with things. Nathaniel mentions being able to perhaps help her with that, as her job would require it based on what “she” told him. Then the two try to evade around things and Nathaniel avoids the questing of who “she” is. Then Nathaniel suggests they take the sphere somewhere to have others attempt to open the sphere for him, since Lorenzo could only try and fail once. L suggests the slums, and asks how, and if these morals seem to have any actual real import to be able to do such a thing. Nathaniel brings out a letter, reading that according to it individuals in Chaville that do not have enough money are not even people, but things. L snatches the letter away and sees that it is from Baroness Tonberr. Nathaniel takes it back, tucks it away. Then the three of them go into the slums, Nathaniel offers a shiny GC if anyone can open it. One man threatens them since there are so many, but Nathaniel convinces him to just try after L draws her knives. The man dies immediately upon poking it. The other slummers back up. Then when the gold is still offered, four more try and die. After that there are no more takers, so they begin heading back. Nathaniel grumbles that now he will need to open it himself. L looks at him and asks if he could otherwise open it by himself all this time. Natahniel says it would take him a while to translate it and says that he had the others try since it is better to be lucky then good, and he hasn’t been lucky in a long while. L comments on the whole being brought out here thing, but Nathaniel says that it was Lorenzo that got all the different things. Then Nathaniel mentions it would be easier with a tablet that they don’t have anymore, L asks about it a bit more and the letter she read from Baerin, and then talks regarding the acquiring of a group of merry individuals that could attempt to retrieve this said stolen item for monetary of itemary rewards, anything that she could ask for. Cautiously L asks about them, and what she could get, if something better for her job then the sphere. Nathaniel says that he is sure he could find her something if she can find the group, it might merely take some time. L accepts and then begins moving forward to try and get things arranged.
• After church Z moves back to the Marquis’ with the family. Outside Nathaniel and Hyacinth go off, to strange looks from the Marquis, and he tells Z to keep an eye on them. Z follows, finding Nathaniel giving Hyacinth a lesson on thermodynamics, that almost lights some books in the library on fire but Z stops it. Then L arrives, and asks him about the tablet, then working out on trying to retrieve it should they have any leads or information to help. There is some banter regarding who is hiring whom for who, which Nathaniel pipes in at moments, and Hyacinth adds her own jokes as she talks about it as they study. Eventually Zac accepts and asks about finding others that could help.
• Baron V talks with Benjamin Rell regarding the operations of Veis Industries in the city, regarding the dead drop locations and functioning of them, the unnatural speed that they are made and the like. Also, Benjamin also was able to provide him with the names of every member of Veis Industries that works in the city.
• L goes to Baron V’s, has Aggro open the door and surprise her. After asking Baron V about L Aggro is told to let her in and show her to the study. Aggro goes with Baron V, and he asks why L is here. L explains that she is looking for trying to find some assistance from others in the retrieving of an item stolen from the Marquis on behalf of Nathaniel, who V didn’t really talk to during the dinner. They discuss the details and any leads, ask Aggro to leave, and then mentions Bloodflower and trying to discover more information about it. Baron V is interested in the offered rewards, and says that he will look into whatever information that he can regarding it. L says that she will contact Eve the next day, and Baron V offers any of his new hired guards in order to help protect or go with her.
• Z receives a letter from Baroness Tonberr about being interested with the pendant, and agreeing to meet with Z about the pendant. Z sends a homing-return pigeon saying either her place or a busy café. Baroness Tonberr suggests that he can meet at her place at 7 the next night.
• Monday, December 26, 989
• Eve goes to work with Fernand regarding things at the shop.
• Z goes about his usual duties waiting for the time to meet with Baroness Tonberr.
• Baron V looks around and learns that Devonia and Katarina had a slight grudging respect but Devonia was jealous regarding her being a better dancer then goes to find Devonia the Great, finds her hung over sitting on a fountain. She flinches from the horse-hooves. V hops down, and then Devonia says that she doesn’t actually feel like dancing for that moment. V comments that he doesn’t always need a dance in order to see her, does he. Devonia smiles up at him and asks how she can help. V asks if there is anything Devonia can tell her about someone, thing, or group known as Blood-flower. Devonia can only recognize the plant. V brings out one of Katarina’s fans and fans himself saying he was hoping for more. Devonia focuses in on the fan. V says that he also has her entire outfit that he would be willing to give Devonia the cloak if she could help better. Then Devonia says she will look into it, cringes, and then limps and runs off.
• Hyacinth announces that Nathaniel will be taking over as her new private instructor.
• L goes to talk with Eve, who tells her that her contract will soon be done, so she might be interested but it couldn’t be illegal. L asks more, Eve says that she is pregnant and so doesn’t wish to risk herself too much. L congratulates her and asks for more details. Eve says that she might think about it a bit, and also asks about whether or not this tablet was actually the Marquis’ to begin with and why he wouldn’t then report it to the guards. L isn’t sure if he did report it already or not. Eve says that she needs to think it over eventually, L tells her to talk to Nathaniel whenever she decides.
• Z then goes to get the brooch from his home, and goes to Baroness Tonberr’s residence. The guards let him in and tell Z to go to the greenhouse. There Tonberr is working on her flowers. Z brings out the pendant and asks if this was what Tonberr had been looking for. The Baroness touches it gingerly, and says that yes it is. Z offers it to her, and she accepts it, putting it on and turning back to face her flowers. Z waits for a few moments, asking how she knew the Viscount. She says that the two were professional friends. Z waited for a few more moments, then he bows out and takes his leave. Z also mentions Nathaniel, and the Baroness seems distraught that he is within the city, and asks why. Z doesn’t say much about him. As he is leaving the Baroness comments “Say hello to the whores for me.” Z laughs, but she does not join in and he leaves for his home and goes to bed.
• That night Devonia returned with the information that Baron V had asked for. She placed a few sheets of parchment on his desk for him. V asks what they are, and Devonia lists them as a list of murders, thefts, vandalism, and other crimes committed by an individual based on the assumption that they are Blood-flower, a single individual. There are a great number of them, but they all seem to be connected in some way or another. He looked over them, in order to try and find patterns and connections within the buying patterns of certain items from estates, jewelry and art objects from the murders, but can’t narrow it down much, so he turns in for the night.
• Tuesday, December 27, 989
• In the morning, Baron V goes through and organizes the list again, and still can’t narrow it much, but there are only six lots that contain a group of jewelry and items that were purchased, each containing at least one item described as being made of a strong black metal with strange runes. There were lot numbers and information regarding these, so he head to the major courthouse and then attempt to find the information on them by asking an elder clerk that manages the deck. He asks about the lot number, and then if he could learn the information regarding who purchased these. The clerk asks for his credentials, and he points out what kind of permission a Baron can have. The man finds the information for him and gives it to Baron V. In it was the information who bought the lots. Bought Lots: Baroness Jaclyn Tonberr 2/6, Viscount Shen Kaminari 1/6, Alystaire Fardelys 2/6, Bishop Opimo 1/6. V frowns down upon the names, and then mentions that if anyone asks about who looked over these names that there would be no one that looked into them, and sliding 5 GC to him he says that the clerk was merely looking over it. Then Baron V goes back home, and receives the letter from Baroness Tonberr about meeting her in person at her estate that night. V goes to talk to talk to L at her home, provides her with her findings, and then talks about the information and items that provided by Devonia. In order to see if what is going on, V mentions the names on the list in the following order; Bishop Opimo (L narrows eyes), Alystaire Fardelys (L narrows eyes further), Viscount Shen Kaminari, and our old friend Baroness Jaclyn Tonberr (L flinches visibly). V and L discuss what they need to do, who they should look in on. V nixes Opimo and Alystaire due to their very high ranking, L wants to look into Shen’s house, and V suggests checking with Tonberr in person, since she is still alive. They discuss a bit, V says that he will check with Tonberr, and suggest L look into things on her end. When L leaves, V drafts a letter and sends it to Baroness Tonberr, suggesting a meeting in respect to possible mutual business venture to arrange a meeting at the earliest convenience for her, at a location of her choosing. He then went to the Marquis’, found Zac, Hyacinth, Nathaniel, and Lorenzo working on combustion in the library with a cannon aimed at the door. Z tells V to evade, which he does, and the cannon fails to launch. Hyacinth and Nathaniel argue over how best to fix it, and Z says that they shouldn’t do it in the house. Nathaniel reminds Z that Hyacinth technically has superiority, tries to send Lorenzo to get his mattress to shoot at, then they decide to stop doing it so that Baron V can discuss things with them. They disassemble the cannon, Hyacinth stays as she mentions that she was there for an earlier discussion and knows everything so they don’t feel the need to keep her out of this once. V says that he will help find the tablet, and that he would like something to help prevent a recurrence of an opposing lawyer messing with his brain in events, and so Nathaniel says that he would probably be able to do so. V is pleased, and then he and Aggro left. Returning home, V received a letter from Baroness Tonberr saying that she would like to meet him over the course of the evening at her estate.
• L returns to the Marquis estate in order to have a word with Nathaniel. She finds him, Lorenzo, Z, and Hyacinth down in the room with the black metals, with Nathaniel trying to teach Hyacinth how to use the Thunder Staff. He goes over the instructions, informs her where to put her fingers, the words she has to use, and the feeling that is needed. He also comments on how much easier he can activate it, then says it is because he is older things come easier for him, and L reminds him that he is less lucky then. Nathaniel has Hyacinth activate the thunder staff, sending a bolt of lightning into the gauntlet, that then begins to move on its own, and Nathaniel caresses it to his head allowing it to scratch his head for him. L then asks if there were others that could use that power of throwing lightning without the staff. She mentions Shen Kaminari, his power, and the fact that it was what killed Baerin. Nathaniel grows very serious, stands up straight, sets the gauntlet down, and his entire voice and demeanor changed as he asked L to confirm what she said. L did and Nathaniel expressed his anger. Lorenzo tried to calm Master Gotrelas, but was eventually told to be silent, and fell to his knees clutching his head. Nathaniel answers all the questions that they have honestly, directly, and coolly, informing them of his working with Shen Kaminari in order to help translate the tablet that was stolen from within the Marquis’ residence. He also mentions that Shen was a member of a larger group that claims to work for some being known as Mahakala, although no one knows anything about this being, or even if it actually exists. Nathaniel worked for them on the understanding that no one that could understand and analyze the black metal would be harmed, and is infuriated by the death of Baerin through this. Therefore, he offers to help. L asks about Blood-flower and if Nathaniel knows anything about this person. Nathaniel says that he does, and that it is…
• Baron V and Aggro arrives at Baroness Tonberr’s estate. The guards let him in and point him in the direction of the greenhouse where she is. Once they greet each other V says that he hears she has some expertise with possessing and locating strange black metal objects. She snips the head off one of her flowers, and V knows that he has the right person. He speaks of possible assistance in finding other items that could be of interest to his employer, Tonberr asks what kind of things he has, V says the healing salve, gauntlet, and bent piece of metal, Tonberr asks how she would be paid for her services, V says gold of course, Tonberr asks for some time to think things over, V allows it. When leaving, V asks Aggro to follow Tonberr, and if she should leave to follow her discreetly. V then goes to the Marquis’
• Nathaniel, still serious, tells those gathered that Baroness Jaclyn Tonberr is the one known as Blood-flower. Z mentions that she trained him in his new ability, so that she has some powers. L asks for any more information. After providing some Nathaniel suggests that they all leave this alone, that it is too much for them. Should they continue forward, he does offer his and Lorenzo’s assistance. Then, stoop shouldered and doddering once more, he shuffles up the stairs shouting for Lorenzo to pick himself up and accompany him to supper. They pass Baron V on the stairs, where V finds Z, L, and Hyacinth arguing over what to do now. V begins to say that Baroness Tonberr is definitely, L cuts in Blood-flower, we know. L explains that Nathaniel apparently believes there is some advantage to be obtained by having others believe him to be a doddering and senile old man, but that he knows more then he is letting on. V describes what happened at his meeting, leaving Aggro to watch, and the other details, and L fills him in on what happened there. Hyacinth suggests that she will help them as the organizer and planner for their ventures, L tells her to keep the thunder staff close at all times, she might need it. They begin discussing possible plans, with V unhappy at the prospect that Opimo and Alystaire might belong to this group that most likely either worships or works with Mahakala, and L is unhappy of facing off against people with godlike powers. She has never faced such a thing before after all, and the thought terrifies her. Z points out that he was able to kill Shen easily enough, and that while Tonberr has skills, she may fall just as easily. L points out that she just stabs people in the back, and doesn’t know if it would work on a god. V suggests they catch them sleeping and try to find out. Z says she may just have to stab them more then once. They hope to plan for their next moves, but after learning so much they are exhausted. L breaks for supper. V states that he no longer has any appetite.



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