The Golden Web of Intrigue

A Dance With A Swan

The Dance of Life and Death Begins

• Wednesday, November 30
• The Veis representative wakes up bound underneath Lillith’s bed. He starts screaming and bellowing, so Lillith goes over, tells him to be quiet. Veis “Who the fuck are you?!” Lillith gags him, so the man begins chewing on the gag. Lillith “And who are you.” The man glares at her and begins chewing on the gag.
• Lord Verboden begins looking around for his daily tasks. Listening to a crier, there are no large announcements. He overhears words about the passing of Gui Montbert and his son in La Roche, as well as the scramble to acquire his belongings, and some issues with the deed for the great galley Elise due to the deed being given over. He then goes to discuss with a few possible buyers for the Beauregard estate, and the best offer is 5000 GC. Then he goes to Viscount Beauregard’s in order to inform the two of them of the offer of 10000 GC for each of the two spice shops, and 5000 GC for the home. They believe this to be a happily agreeable price, after removal of commission. In order to get this done discreetly he asks for 8%. They accept this cost. Lord Verboden sees Gaston Beauregard as he leaves, still looking unsure and unhappy. They say nothing. Then he begins heading over to the Marquis’ residence, in order to discuss some things.
• Eve goes to the clinic of her uncle, Edgard Garnier a doctor, and asks him to come with her. Edgard asks if she can pay, Eve responds that her employer would be able to. He asks why, she said that there was an accident with a lamp. He goes over in order to treat him, and gives Fernand a deal of treatment, some poppy control in order to deal with the pain, leaves an invoice for 20 GC. Then he leaves, Eve has Helga watch over Fernand, Eve goes home in order to wash up, sleep, eat, and then also checks her mail and finds just letters addressed to her about more men her family were hoping to hook her up with. She burns them.
• Lord Verboden goes over to the Marquis’ and finds that he is just done in a meeting. Lord Verboden arrives with the Marquis, Zac, and Baerin sitting in one of the meeting rooms. He informs him of the spice shops, and also that Lillith has an additional ‘package’ that was kept under his bed and that she would like him to be picked up and payment for the lodgings. Then Zac describes what happened the day before, commenting on a certain burning whorehouse, and Fernand being greatly burnt by a falling lamp and a wave of clubs. The Marquis asks if this will cause lack of profit, Zac suspects it might. The Marquis writes a letter, gives it to Zac to deliver to Eve, then he could also take a cart with a box, with one airhole in it, to pick up the package from Lilliths and provide her with the 10 GC payment for the spaces. Then Lord Verboden asks Baerin to step outside for a moment. She does. He tells the Marquis that Gaston suspects his parents may not be who they were based on the sudden desire to sell, and mentions that it was immediately after the party. The Marquis catches the drift, and Verboden clarifies that this is why he keeps an extra set, in case things need to change the date a small amount. The Marquis accepts. He then goes out to discuss matters with Baerin. Baerin takes Lord Verboden down to the private office that has the items within it. She explains about the salve and the shock rod, Lord Verboden tries to ask some questions about the salve, but Baerin continues on about the other items and asks what they could possibly do. While there is a gap, Lord Verboden asks if they couldn’t use the salve on their incredibly damaged and injured merchant friend, in order to help avoid the costs of everything from his injuries down. Baerin says that it belongs to the Marquis, so Lord Verboden would need to ask. They send a note, Lord Verboden also asks about if they could use the shocking stick about the ‘package’. Then Lord Verboden looks over the items, such as the bent piece of metal, and says that he has no idea what they are. He suggests that Baerin contact some external sources in order to bring the outside expertise of someone who might know things about these objects, such as the Twin Islands themselves. Baerin, exasperated by admitting that that was what she planned on doing. Then Lord Verboden leaves.
• Zac goes to get two of his guards, a cart, and a large box. They go to Lillith’s house, where she is carefully trimming her nightshade, they go up and grab the man, who continues to moan and complain, so Lillith grabs his head, slams it on the floor to knock him unconscious. Zac and the guards then take the box back to Marquis’ mansion, asks the Marquis where they should put him, and he says in one of the guest rooms that is further away from Baerin so as not to distract her. They take the crate up, the guards nearly knock over a vase, but then Zac catches it. They put the crate in the room, and then smother it in blankets.
• There is a loud knocking on the door to Fernand’s home, and then Eve goes to open the door and finds a small, urchin girl clutching a batch of dying flowers. She cries and says that unless she brings Fernand to see Riskut, he’ll kill her family. Ever shrugs, grabs her sword and shield, and follows the girl into the slums. They go to the small crap pile of a shack that she has, Eve has the girl stay outside and then she heads in. She finds Riskut, without a left arm, covered in blood and with mace in his right hand waiting. He demands to know why Fernand isn’t there, why a crazy black swan bitch cut his arm off, and then he insults Eve thoroughly. Eve draws her sword and cuts at him. The armor stops it, and he says she’ll never see the family. She pauses, offers to let him leave if he apologizes and lets her have the family, he offers let him go then he would say where the family is, then Eve refuses, deflects a clumsy attack from Riskut, and gives him a heavy cut that sets him to fall from his broken leg. He begs for his life, tells her she can find the girl’s family in the back. She finds the corpses. Riskut sneaks out into the street, grabs the girl and claims that the wealthy armored one killed the family, and has a mob of 22 people try and beat her down while he limps away. Eve walks forward, the mob rushes, she cut down 6 of them, the rest flee. She walks over to Riskut, who threatens to snap the girl’s neck, then Eve attacks and kills Riskut by impaling the small girl he used as a shield. Then, after the girl dies, Eve apologies, goes back to her home, and takes a bath.
• Lord Verboden gets all of the payment offers signed, takes them over to Viscount Beauregard’s, they see that everything is in order, and give Lord Verboden a bank note for his 8000 GC. Then he goes to the bank to get it cashed, but there was a problem with the cheque. Thanks to a persuasion check, the teller explains that there was no proper security code, it appeared to be made up. Then he ensures that the cheques made by his lord and other clients can’t be cashed. Heading back to the Marquis’, he informs the Marquis about the deal, the canceling, the possible difficulties. He suggests informing the guards the next day so that they can do a raid to try and determine things. Then he can try and make the sales still legal. Then Lord Verboden says that he would like to go attend to the package that was delivered, the Marquis says that it is in one of the guest rooms.
• Baerin and Zac hover around the blanket covered crate, Baerin with thunder rod in hand. They discuss how best they should question him. Baerin suggests a “good guard, bad guard” approach. She suggests Zac should serve as the good guard, and that she is just there to watch and take notes, and that most of his guards are pretty friendly. Then there is the fact that they might need to find one. Baerin begins considering how much ale it would take to get a proper bad guard Lord Verboden enters. Lord Verboden asks where there guest is. Zac “In the box.” Lord Verboden “Then let us get him a chair.” They take a chair, bring the man out, tie him to the chair, with only a little bit of blood at the corner of his mouth. Zac posts guards to not let anyone else into the building. Lord Verboden takes the staff from Baerin, accepts, gets the sword from Zac, and then leans over to the man and tells him not to talk unless they ask him a question. He nods in terror, eyeing the staff. Verboden asks the questions, and the Veis man answers them all, about how they are contacted, when they are paid, how they are paid, if they would still continue on the assault, whether others would be sent and what the penalty for failure would be. He says everything, and that it would probably kill him. They ask about when the next payment or contact would be, and where to go looking for them, but he says it wouldn’t be more then a week or so. They nod, think about finding the bird that might be used to track things, back to them. They ask the man his name, he first says they call him Slim, then when threatened Chadae. Lord Verboden makes sparks of the sword in order to see what it does in a shower of sparks LV “Neat.” Gives the staff back to Baerin, the scorched sword back to Zac, and leaves. Zac ties Chadae to the bed, and then leaves to clean his sword. Baerin finishes taking her notes and then leaves.
• Lillith goes to speak with Katarina in the opera house that night after her performances. She seduces her way past the guards, knocks and is allowed to enter Katarina’s dressing room. Katarina greets Lillith and asks why she is here before setting down her powder puff. Then Lillith says of the rumor of Riskut discussing and forging the plot to have him killed. Katarina agrees, and then also discussing that while he had some skills as a forger, there was probably no way for him to actually get anyone into the Baron’s estate, so then she asked what really happened, he refused, ‘his arm strangely fell off him’. L “It just fell off did it?” K “Yes, the strangest of accidents.” L “Might that be a sign of leprosy?” K “I certainly hope not, because my body is my life.” They then continue on, saying that the last think Riskut told her was that his last assignment was from Fernand Vasser. Therefore she has to discuss things with him tomorrow. K “So it seems tomorrow I shall have a very busy dance card tomorrow. Perhaps you shall save me one.” Lillith leaves and goes to Lord Verboden’s. L sneaks into LV’s home, checks the rooms in search of LV, finds him in the third and final one. She pokes him awake. LV is surprised, and asks what he owes the pleasure. L explains the situation that Katarina knows that Riskut wasn’t behind it, and that she is going to go to Fernands, and since he doesn’t know anything then she would come to try and kill me. LV gets up, and puts a robe on in order to conceal himself. They discuss possible methods, such as dealing with getting money, since none of them could afford them, which gives them really only two options. The first, which LV views as very dirty, is to borrow the money to pay off Katarina, or the only other approach they see would be to use Fernand as bait, have him lure Katarina in, and then kill her first. They muse over it for a while, and in finality they decide that they should use Fernand as bait, with the details being used to perform it were left up to Lillith. Then she left for the night.
• Thursday, December 1
• In the morning Lord Verboden finds a guard, and tells them about the failing check with Viscount Beauregard’s manor, and the failed transaction. Hearing about this, the guards charge down the street, a trumpeter and town crier coming along to cheer the apprehension of the decapitating murderer. They arrive, surround the estate, and charge in breaking through the windows and doors. LV remains outside, pistol drawn. Later, the guards invite LV in to discuss what was found, the peeled skin of the Viscount and Viscountess’ faces upon the bedside pillows, as well as all the guards cut down in efficient but unnecessarily brutal attacks. Gaston was not located inside. With some persuading LV managed to convince the guard to let him nose around inside the business ledgers, but finds that there are no entries after Frans’ birthdays. He then left to inform the Marquis.
• During the day Zac went about his usual routine. Baerin worked with Hyacinth discussing appraising of the various valuable information as well as the more specific details that they could focus. Hyacinth comments on the recent news that has already reached her, about the deaths of the Beauregards. She hopes that Gaston is alright, because he was one of the nicer suitors after her sister’s hand.
• Because Katarina has 10:00 am and 7:00 pm, Lillith goes over to Fernand’s home at 10, gets let in by Eve, and then L explains all the situation, with the assassin that will be coming to try and kill F most likely. L goes on to say that she plans on counter assassinating Katarina first in order to avoid this. Emptying the lamps in his room of oil, L makes sure that they are out, in order to decrease the light for her benefit. They go up to F room, L sweeps the dust out from under the bed, takes the clothes from the closet in order to hide them, then she enters the closet. She tested the doors to make sure they move quietly. She leaves the door slightly ajar to watch, and then she waits. Eve sits and walks around in the halls surrounding it.
• Going to the Marquis’ home, LV informs him of the events that transpired with the Beauregard deal, and both men agree to hold off on manipulating the forms until the fate of Gaston has been determined. LV then asks to stay the day at the Marquis’ residence.
• Hours later there came a knock on the door to F’s home. Eve answered it, and found Katarina waiting outside. She asked to come in, claiming that she had business to discuss with Fernand. Eve, reluctantly, lead her to the room, and allowed Katarina to walk in first. She commented on the unsuccessful ability to light the lamps. She spoke to F, who admitted that he didn’t actually know anything, and because it was true, so they attempted to continue forward, discussing the death of the Baron, and other things around it. Noting the closet door being open, Katarina walked over and closed it, stating that it was annoying her. L is unimpressed. As the discussion reveals nothing further from either F or Eve, F gives Katarina the options of leaving his home, or getting naked. She chooses to leave. As she is walking down the hall, L leaves the closet with Eve, sneaks up behind Katarina, and tries to wrap her knife around Katarina’s neck. With a graceful pivot Katarina whisks around, and with a smile says “Ah, it looks like we will get that dance after all.”
• With drawing her sword Eve manages to lightly cut Katarina as she backpeddles and Eve continues to move forward. Sapphire runs up the wall to attack Katarina as well, cutting her with her shortsword quite solidly, but her wounds bleed more then they probably should. They progress to the entryway. Katarina backs up, throws a feather with extreme force into Eve, getting past her shield, into her armor, thorugh her, and out the other side in a fountain of blood, then she vanishes out through the door into the street beyond. L charges out in pursuit, there are 8 guards and 14 other people, shouts “Stop her!”, and then attacks her to cut her faintly. Eve moves out into the street and yells for the guard as well. Katarina dodges Lillith’s attack but chooses not to counterattack. Eve then charges and manages to cut down Katarina. The guards charge, demanding them to drop their weapons. The two sheathe theirs, L tries to dodge but gets handcuffed. They notice Katarina smoke slightly before she is completely covered and carried off. While leading them, L feigns to trip, scraping up her knees and bruising her face. She gets up shouting for them not to touch her, then she runs up the side of a building and away. Four go in pursuit, the other four continue taking Eve away. L tries to jump to get her hands in front of her, but it didn’t work, so she ran off into the slums, then gets her handcuffs off and keeps them.
• Taken into holding, the guards ask Eve if she has a lawyer that could represent her in defense of the charge of murder against Katarina the Black Swan. Eve says LV. The guards cringe, but send a messenger. While the messenger is gone they question Eve, but she says nothing.
• The messenger makes it to the Marquis’ manor, and finds LV. Zac takes the messenger to him, and Baerin joins him in case her expertise are required. Being informed of the charges against Eve, LV and B go to speak with her. Zac is sent to get a member of the city guard so that they can gather evidence from Fernand’s house following proper protocol.
• At night fall Sapphire arrives sneaking into the back of the compound, and speaks with the Marquis. She informs him of everything that has occurred following the assassination of Baron Falon, the hawking, the letter, the Barakah clan, and Katarina and her involvement, as well as the only possible loose thread remaining being Baroness Jaclyn Tonberr. The Marquis is unimpressed, hopes that Sapphire will not be identified since it would lead back to him, and is glad that she is safe. S asks to borrow some of the Marquis’ wife’s make-up to cover her bruised face. Then, switching into her nicer clothes she sets off for home. Two guards see her and offer to escort her home. Lillith allows them to take her as far as the general district, and politely strokes their egos about their skills in combat and their many other talents before turning in for the night.
• Reaching the questioning room, LV persuades the guard to leave by stating that his medical examiner must give Eve a thorough examination for any less obvious wounds she has suffered. Before he leaves, the guard informs them that the charges are attempted murder and endangering the peace; Katarina survived. Then they begin discussing what happed. Baerin takes notes on the strange wound inflicted by a feather. LV suggests that the best way for them to argue it would be for the original assailant hiding in the closet to be a mystery woman, that jumped out trying to attack Katarina, who then attacked Eve out of a mistake. Then, when Katarina continued to attack Eve had no choice but to defend herself. That way the blame would fall on someone that wasn’t really there. B also makes notes about the apparent burning in light detail. Making a few additional notes they then bring the guard back in, give their official statement. LV asks the guard to be able to visit Katarina, sighting that he needs to acquire a statement, and have his medical examiner take a look at her. While reluctant, LV quick tongue and the presence of the female B eventually convince the guard.
• LV and B go to the private clinic where Katarina is recovering. They find her guarded by four Gabrielense Guards. LV asks them to leave, but they refuse, saying they were told to remain here by direct order from Alystaire Fardelys. LV allows it, but makes them all swear that nothing overheard within would leave the room. After all, what better way to get guards to spread rumors. He then introduced himself to Katarina, who was bandaged and not in her usual clothes. He asked her for her statement, which was filled with the sounds of an innocent young dancer being attacked from no where and fleeing for her life throwing up feathers as a distraction. When questioned about the wound caused by the feather, Katarina feigned ignorance, stating she knew little of combat, but that a particularly sharp rapier or knife might have been able to cause such wounds. B examined the wounds suffered by Katarina, also noting that there were no burn marks, she had lost a great deal of blood, was suffering slight nutrient deprivation, her wounds were healing cleanly and nicely, and that she seemed physically superhuman, if such an idea could be expressed. Jotting down the injury reports, B showed them to Katarina first to ensure their accuracy and her approval. With a polite bow LV and B leave with LV saying “Well then, thank you for your time. I shall see you in court.” While they are walking outside, B adds the other details about Katarina’s physicality and informs LV of them.
• Reaching Fernand’s home with a member of the city guard, Zac opens the door in time to see Helga, water soaked cloth in hand and bucket at her feet, about to begin cleaning the blood from the walls. Zac “Helga, if you would be a dear please do not clean that just yet.” With an annoyed look Helga gathered up her bucket and began to shuffle away. Zac “Thank you Helge.” Helga; shuffle, shuffle, shuffle.



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