Once There Was a Time Before Coin. The Thought Makes Me Shudder.

People have long argued about what the true guiding force for our dear world is. Could it be the desire for decency? No, well then how about helping the lesser man? Come now, your laughter at the suggestion is far too cruel. If neither of those are it then it must be the noble pursuit of good, banishing the darkness from the world in order to cleanse the path for justice and truth. Alright, I’ll admit that I can barely contain my laughter at the thought.

No my friend, we both know exactly what force it is that pulls the strings of everyone within this world; gold. Gold grants power and influence, the ability to make change and inspire those around you. With enough gold there is no problem that cannot be overcome, no foe that cannot be slain. An army rests outside your walls, preparing to strike at the dawn. That night you send out a chosen messenger carrying more gold then any of those men could ever hope to have seen in their pitiful lives. Find the one with longing in their heart and ambition in their eyes, and come morning the leader of the foe shall be destroyed, and your new army shall be marching back against their previous employers. Beautiful.

Those that possess wealth are privy to all the secrets and desires of this world. Someone that lacks wealth however is not even truly a human being any longer. They are an object, a thing to be purchased for a small sum and perhaps some food to maintain their pitiful lives. Power means never having to lift a blade to control those around you or to slay your enemies.

So now the only question that remains is how do we ensure that we are the ones that have the gold, the influence, the power that all mortal men desire? Why, that is the tale upon we wish to embark now of course. March bravely forward friend, and may the clicking of coins guide your steps…

The Golden Web of Intrigue

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